Travel Books

Travel Books

Travel Guides are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more travellers rely on apps and the internet to get their most up-to-date holiday news and places to go. Most people prefer the newer technology since it is constantly updated, and full of people sharing their own personal experiences.

But travel guides certainly still have their place – especially when going through an unknown area that might not always have wifi, or when that inevitable situation comes up where your phone battery dies! Below are some of the most frequently updated travel guides that really make an effort to give you the most honest views possible.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Known as some of the most thorough travel guides, Lonely Planet makes some great books – especially if you plan to travel on a budget. Their guides are full of helpful advice, such as how the border crossings (if there are any) will probably go, as well as general information about entering the country. Thats some good information to have before leaving!

These guides also feature simple maps that help you get around easily – no complicated routes or symbols plastered all over the place. They also offer suggestions of great, inexpensive cafes, restaurants and hangouts, as well as places where you can get ‘the best’ things (like the best coffee in town!). Always be sure to check up on these things before you leave however, to be sure they haven’t closed or moved.

Eyewitness Travel Guides by DK

The popular publisher makes some fantastic travel guides, and currently features over 200 destinations. Thousands of photographs, maps and illustrations are featured in each guide, giving you a good idea of where you’ll be headed. Each guide also contains comprehensive historical information and cultural information that you should be aware of before heading out. Each book has a pull-out map with a street index, transport map and the best ways to walk around town.

As far as places to see go, the books contain author-recommended cultural and historical places to see, as well as fun local spots. If you like a good visual guide, then these is your best bet – they are just nice books to have in your home!

National Geographic Travel Guides

Another beautifully visual series, National Geographic brings its great photography from around the world into their guides. Whether you want to visit somewhere in Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia or Australia, there is a country guide for you to see. With their intense knowledge thanks to years of coverage, National Geographic lends a trustworthy opinion of the countries, as well as relevant travel information and maps.

These guides also contain some neat features such as their ‘off the beaten path’ mini guides featuring hidden ‘gems’ in many cities, authentic experiences, insider lists and not-to-be-missed lists. If you really want to get to a know a place well and be a little adventurous along the way, then National Geographics guides would be perfect for you to have handy!

Date posted: 16th March, 2015

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