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Travel Guidebooks

Travel guidebooks are a must for the intrepid traveller, although their popularity is dwindling in favour of the many, easily accessible and mostly free-of-charge travel websites available on the Internet. Still, for some light reading on the plane over the Atlantic Ocean or a quick lookup of a good restaurant in the middle of a busy street in Shanghai, the travel guidebook has many advantages.

Some of the most popular travel guide books have developed a world-wide following and almost cult status. Lonely Planet books are the most popular travel guidebook and are very useful to carry with you on your journey. On the other hand, eGuide Travel produces online travel guides ‘eGuides’ that are available, in categorised, online form (so that you only need to print the sections of interest to you), free-of-charge from and their many country, city or activity specific, associated websites. eGuide Travel is not a travel agent, but, rather, gives the reader the opportunity to assess and book their holiday through its various links to various reputable websites.

Travel guidebooks are essential to gain knowledge of areas of a city or region that the tourist might otherwise miss. They often point out ‘off the beaten track’ locations or ‘little known gems’ that would be impossible to find whilst wandering around a city centre or other location. They also give hints and tips on security aspects of a city, tourist traps and dangers, and warn about any unsavoury locations that the unsuspecting traveller may otherwise wander into.

The majority of travel guidebooks will give the casual tourist the best overview of a city or country, pointing out the most important sites to view and the best way to get there. Often, they also include a brief history of the location and a list of important events that shaped local history, as well as a list of local festivities, maps, photos and useful telephone numbers. Many come in compact sizes and are easy to fit into any bag or backpack.

Unfortunately there is one area in which the travel guidebook is lacking, and that is its ability to provide up-to-date information. Travellers on a one-off trip will be able to get by with the most recent edition of a book but, if you are returning after five years, you will find a large amount of information to be out-of-date or no longer relevant. In these instances, the online travel guide industry plays an important role in providing the most current and accurate information, without the cost of a book.

Date posted: 6th September, 2011

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