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Travel Insurance- don’t leave home without it

Many people often wonder if Travel Insurance packages are worth it, since they come back home without making any medical claims. If you constantly travel out of your local region , your chances of suffering from varying degrees of injuries  or losing some priceless possessions are high, therefore your Travel Insurance may help you cover medical expenses or any financial losses incurred during your trips and vacations.

What will your typical Travel Insurance cover?

There are five basic categories of travel Insurance, these are;

  • Travel medical expenses,
  • Trip cancellation,
  • Major medical expenses,
  • Emergency medical evacuation, and
  • Accidental death/flight accidents.
  • Trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance cover will cover you in an event that you or your travel companion needs to cancel your flight as a result of flight cancellation, or delay. Most Travel Insurance service providers will compensate you on a number of grounds, these include;
  • Change of mind on your trip,
  • Sudden unavoidable business conflicts,
  • Delays in the processing of your visa or return of travel documents such as passport,
  • Development of illness or injury before, or during your vacation, and
  • weather related issues.
  • Additional coverage may also be provided in the case of some unforeseen situations such as;
  • Terrorist attacks,
  • Closing down or liquidation of an airline or cruise line,
  • Accident on your way to the airport or cruise line,
  • Fire or flooding in your home, and
  • Jury duty.

Medical Travel Insurance is the basic medical cover provided by insurance companies and it covers a traveller if he becomes ill or gets injured while on vacation. Medical travel insurance normally provide a short term insurance cover and its duration could last between five days and a year.  The major travel medical insurance is normally offered to individuals who plan to stay at their travel destinations for over 6 months or a year.

Most medical travel insurance policies will help you cover expenses incurred while you locate doctors, hospitals and health care facilities at your travel destination. Regardless of whether you purchase a medical insurance cover separately on you already possess one , you will need prior approval from your medical insurance service provider  to make claims when you are making a trip, therefore you need to contact your medical insurance provider before you make any trip.

The emergency medical evaluation insurance is a form of Travel Insurance that covers you just in case you need an immediate evacuation and transportation to a medical facility during your stay at your travel destination. If you don’t have emergency medical evaluation insurance, you may have to pay up to $10,000 out of your own pocket, therefore an emergency medical evaluation Travel Insurance is important just in case you are stranded in a remote location and needed an emergency treatment.

Accidental death Travel Insurance is widely neglected by most travellers, but if taken, an insurance service provider will compensate the beneficiaries of the insurance policy holder in case he dies while traveling out of his local region. Specialized coverage is a form of Travel Insurance provided for extreme athletes, expatriates and business travelers. This form of insurance is available only for individuals considered as high risk takers.

Date posted: 29th May, 2015

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