Travel Journeys

Travel Journeys

The actual journey can often be the main part of your vacation. Here, we look at a selection of our favorite of travel journeys on land or water that are very popular and will give you the experience of a lifetime. Each of these takes a few days or more so plan ahead before trying to cross the Sahara or trek up Mount Kilimanjaro!

Amazon, South America

Start at Manaus in Brazil and travel along the muddy Amazon River. Watch the river life and fishermen kneeling on dugout canoes to net their catch. Explore the South American Indian tribal villages by day and, at night, enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

Andaman Sea, Asia

Take a cruise on a junk from mainland Thailand at Krabi to Phuket Island. Stop at remote beaches and see the limestone pillars made famous in James Bond films. There are over 3,500 islands in the Andaman Sea off Thailand or Myanmar (Burma) waiting to be explored.

Crossing the Sahara, Africa

Travel from Seuta, across the Strait from Gibraltar to Nouakchott in Mauritania, a journey of nearly 3,000 kilometres. It will take you along the coastline of western Morocco, through Rabat and Casablanca, experiencing the best of Moroccan food and culture along the way.

Cruise the Eastern Caribbean

Start at one of the main ports, which include St Thomas, Virgin Gorda or Tortola, and cruise the islands of St Martin, Antigua, Anguilla and many more. Each has something different, from French dining on St Martin to duty free shopping on St Thomas, and all very tropical.

Mt Everest Trek, Nepal

It is a hard to climb Mount Everest to the top and only for skilled climbers, but a walk to Everest Base Camp in Nepal is one great walk. A high level of fitness is still required, but the experience is one you will never forget!

Galapagos Islands, South America

Start at Baltra or San Cristobal and cruise the Galapagos Islands. Relive the voyage of Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle in 1835. A trip where you will spot a huge variety of wildlife including the famous giant tortoises.

Golden Triangle, India

There are a few ‘golden triangles’ but this travel journey is the 250 kilometre one in India that links the cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. An area between three diverse cities offering many different activities, cuisines, events and traditions.

Fjords of Norway

The most stunning of Norway’s fjords is Sognefjord at just over 200 kilometres long. Amazing scenery and fascinating coastal villages, well worthy of the expert or amateur photographer providing a keepsake diary of dazzling images.

Garden Route, Africa

Named after the very fertile Western Cape region of South Africa, this journey starts at Mossel Bay and runs to Storms River, a distance of 370 kilometres. The towns on the way are George and the Knysna with a beautiful lagoon and forest. Simply breathtaking!

Grand Trunk Road, India

Start in Peshawar and travel to Lahore along the Grand Trunk Road, which dates back to the 15th century. This 2,500 kilometre journey will take four days and provide insights into a very old world. Rudyard Kipling called this road the “great river of life”.

Inside Passage, North America

Travel the Inside Passage starting from Vancouver or Seattle. A cruise of 1,600 kilometres that passes between the mainland and the islands of British Columbia and south east Alaska. Mountains rise to 4,600 metres and are often snow capped. At Ketchikan, cliffs nearly 1,000 metres high rise from misty fjords. At the northern end is Glacier Bay where 16 glaciers meet the ocean.

Kings Highway, Middle East

Start in Amman and drive along the King’s Highway to Petra in Jordan, a distance of 260 kilometres. Along the way stop at Madaba and Mount Nebo. Visit archaeological sites and wonder at the ingenuity of the human mind in ancient times.

Miami to Key West, United States of America

Hop from one island to the next on Highway 1 starting at Miami in Florida. Enjoy the many emerald green keys, so called as they are derived from ‘cayos’, the Spanish word for small islands. The drive is 270 kilometres of spectacular scenery.

Milford Track, New Zealand

This is one for the feet. Starting at Glade Wharf on Lake Te Anau in Fiordland National Park, Southland, New Zealand, and finishing at Milford Sound, some 53 kilometres later. This track is normally done in four days and covers some of the highlights of the antipodean glaciers.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

The highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, sits in Tanzania but borders Kenya. A five-day round trip will take you to 5,894 metres of sheer delight. It is a doable mountain for most people and well worth the climb, as it showcases numerous types of flora and fauna.

Nile River, Africa

Sail in a felucca from Aswan to Luxor in Egypt; that is the downstream way and much faster. Observe Egyptian life to the full and, at Luxor, the ancient sites of pyramids and more. Sleeping is normally on deck or on river islands in exotic luxury.

Rhine River, Europe

Travellers have cruised the River Rhine for generations and there are numerous starting points and varying lengths of journey. Originating in Switzerland, the bulk of the Rhine River is in Germany, then it flows through the Netherlands to the sea. A favourite is the Mainz to Koblenz section, which has numerous castles dotting the countryside along the way.

Ring Road, Iceland

Travel around Iceland on Highway 1, a circular road that will take you past or through fjords, tundra forests, volcanic craters and Gullfoss, the largest waterfall in Europe. The drive is 1,500 kilometres and best done over a week. Start and finish this stunning journey in Reykjavík and enjoy a close encounter with the people and customs of this island nation.

Route 66, United States of America

Route 66, or the Will Rogers Highway, was once the ‘Mother Road’ of America. However, it is no longer the main connection road between Illinois and California that was famous in the 1950s. In fact, only one section remains, in Arizona, but it provides the chance to experience the nostalgia of towns of Williams, Flagstaff and Holbrook, which still have the original motels and diners.

Salt Flats of Bolivia

The world’s highest travel journey is across the salt lakes of the Andes mountain range. Start at Uyuni in Bolivia and see how much of the world’s largest salt flat, which covers 10,582 square kilometres (4,086 square miles) you can manage! This is a high altitude drive with first-rate views of the Andes and the high altitude desert.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Walk to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela starting 770 kilometres away in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, and using the Camino Francés or French Route that crosses the Pyrenees. This is the one of four routes on the Way of St James, an ancient pilgrimage to where legend tells us that the remains of the apostle St James were buried.

Silk Road, Asia

Travel from China to the Middle East on this ancient route that dates to 206 BCE. Start in Beijing or Shanghai and travel west to Xi’an, across the Taklimakan Desert to Kashgar and onwards, through Persia, to the Mediterranean Sea. Take on board some of the exotic spices and silks to be found along the way. Another trip of a lifetime!

Tanami Trail, Australia

This is actually a highway, not a trail, across the Tanami Desert in Australia. Start at Alice Springs and head west to Halls Creek in Western Australia. The drive starts with the Macdonnell Ranges and then the red sand plains. This 1,000 kilometre journey can be done in two days, but more if you want to experience the harsh, yet beautiful, outback of Australia.

Trans-Siberian Express, Europe to Asia

This is a legendary railway journey from Moscow in Russia, through Mongolia and on to Beijing in China. The train trip will take five days and it crosses eight time zones. Be sure to take advantage of stopping off whenever you get a chance as there is a vast array of traditions, food and hospitality to participate in.

Yangtze River, China

Take a bus from Yichang and then cruise for a few days on the Yangtze, a river that flows for 6,380 kilometres across China. The most famous section is at the Three Gorges, where the river narrows and steep cliffs rise up. Remember you camera!

Date posted: 4th December, 2011

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