Travel Lodge - survival tips for regular travelers

Travel Lodge – survival tips for regular travelers

Whether you are a regular business traveler or you enjoy taking your family members on vacations each year, you will need some money-saving tips, especially when making Travel Lodge bookings. Making plans for your lodge should start early if you want to strike the best deals. You can make some search online and contact lodge owners directly or simply make use of your agency. If you do not have sufficient time to make cheap Travel Lodge booking, there are some apps that can help you search quickly on your smartphone and you can make your booking right before your plane takes off or when you are at the airport lobby.

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Tips on saving more on Travel Lodge bookings

Try as much as possible to make your bookings at weeknights

The best time to book your Travel Lodge is during the weeknights because weekends and holidays are usually busy and costs of lodges are high around that time. If possible, try and avoid booking during holiday seasons, but weekdays are a lot cheaper. If you have to make bookings on weekends then try as much as possible to wait until Sunday nights.

Book for themed rooms if you are travelling with your kids

Themed rooms will save you more money at the long run, because you don’t have to spend money at theme parks when you have kids-friendly themes at your Travel Lodge. With a theme lodge, you can have unlimited fun with your kids, especially with lots of characters around the room to make their days more pleasurable. With theme lodges, you will spend more time with your family indoors and that can save you more money. Getting theme lodges can be hard, as many top hotels don’t offer such services.

Travel during the week

If you plan to travel on weekend, you may not find an emergency Travel Lodge at your travel destination and if you do, you may be charged extra because the booking is urgent. Rooms are usually cheaper on weekdays than weekends.

Ask for extras when you make bookings

You don’t have to be shy when making Travel Lodge bookings, therefore you must ask for whatever that will be added free of charge. Free extras such as sight-seeing and visits to important landmarks are provided by many Lodge owners, and such could save you more money.

Supplement your lodge meals with eat-out meals

You can always find cheaper meals when you take some time to look around, but this does not mean your preferred Travel Lodge does not provide cheap and great meals likewise. If you are booking a Travel Lodge with your kids, you may spend more on Lodge meals; therefore you should have supplementary meal plans.

Don’t fall too quickly for Travel Lodge package options

Some Travel Lodge package options seem to be money-savers, however they may come with hidden fees that can make you pay more at the long run, for this reason , you must confirm details of all packages before you settle for any.

Date posted: 30th May, 2015

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