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Travel Scams

Sun, Sea and… Scams? The latest wave of tricks for travellers to watch

Taking to the road and riding off into the sunset – people cross off the days of the calendar, count down the sleeps and watch the hours on the clock for that precious moment to arrive. Full of excitement and anticipation, it’s hard to carry the burden of stress alongside the fully crammed suitcase. That is, until the worry-free mood is shattered as a result of falling victim to a scam.

Travel scams can be just a small glitch that leaves a sour taste in your mouth, but they can also turn out to become a disastrous nightmare that could leave your travel plans in tatters. Most savvy travellers are clued up to common scams. Distractions whilst thieves frisk valuables and shady sounding time-share companies offering suspiciously good perks are frequent opponents, and, no one wants to be in the never-ending taxi line outside the airport either.

Unfortunately enough, travel scams are fully-fledged money makers, offering pitfalls baited with booby-traps. Even the veteran venturers have to keep their wits about them, before, during and even after their journey.

For every demographic – there’s a scam. From backpackers to business men, gathering relatives to globetrotting vagabonds. Here are some of the latest tourist traps causing a stir.

Credit card scams

A few more credit card tricks to watch out for.

credit card scam

Evil twins

Rogue wi fi systems and pretend websites.

scam travel

Booking scams

Holiday rentals and villas that do not exist when you arrive.

Travel Scam HELP

Where you asked help a traveller who is short of money and not just a simple email request, there is more to this one.

Daily discount scams

Deals that do not exist and pretend to be legitimate.

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Date posted: 16th September, 2012

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