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Travel Sharing: Split the cost of getting from A to B

Getting to where you want to go is often one of the most expensive part of travelling, but a new travel sharing movement is sweeping around the globe, enabling travellers to cut their costs by sharing transport with other travellers. Although car sharing is not a new phenomenon, and you might well have tried it yourself, options now exist for you to share everything from bikes to planes! There are travel sharing options for all budgets and in all locations: all you have to do is to work out where you want to go.

Starting with the long-haul options, why not fly by private jet? This isn’t actually a joke. Plane and helicopter charter companies, and also private owners, frequently fly one leg of a journey with no passengers onboard as they reposition planes to pick up guests. You can often get a seat on these so-called empty legs for less than the cost of a seat on a scheduled commercial flight, particularly if you’re flying to seasonal destinations such as ski resorts or the Caribbean. It’s an incredible opportunity to get a taste of luxury and you pay just a token amount. Charter companies will frequently list empty legs on their websites, and Jetpartner amalgamates all this data in a single place.

If you prefer to sail than fly, We are on a Boat, matches would-be sailors with boat owners. It’s a mobile app that affects introductions, and rather than paying a fee, you agree a reward with the boat’s captain. The reward could be a contribution towards the cost of fuel, but equally it could be bringing a picnic or bottle of champagne onboard: the idea is that by sailing together, sharing the experience and offering a reward, the sailing experience is enhanced for everyone.

eGuide Travel Sharing

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The most familiar kind of travel sharing is car pools and car clubs, both of which now exist in large numbers, particularly in major cities. The most popular car sharing site is Uber, founded in San Francisco, which now operates in 55 countries around the world and is expanding faster than you can say “Drive!”

Uber is a mobile app that allows drivers and passengers to connect. It uses the GPS data from your smart phone to identify your location and match you with the closest Uber driver. The driver’s name, photo, vehicle details and Uber rating appear on your phone so you can see who is available to collect you (and if you want to ride with them), and Uber dictates the fare. There’s no need to haggle, tip or pay cash as Uber automatically bills your credit card when you arrive at your destination, and pays the driver on your behalf.

Although it’s the best-known, Uber is by no means the only car sharing option. In the UK passengers can also sign up for lifts with BlaBla Car and Lift Share; Get Around and Zipcar operate in the USA; and in Australia options include Catch a Lift, Co Seats and GoGetCarshare.

Last but certainly not least, travel sharing can be on a micro level too. Got a bike that you’re not using? Want to pick up someone else’s bike to explore for a few days in a new city? In which case, you need Borrow My Bike.

eGuide Travel Sharing

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There are an estimated one billion bikes in the world today, and this site serves both as a bike sharing hub but also as a noticeboard for cycling events, so you might well find new cycling friends to ride with, and races to compete in together. There is no charge for borrowing a bike, and by relying on pedal power you are benefitting the environment and getting some exercise too.

Date posted: 28th February, 2015

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