Choosing a Suitcase

When choosing a suitcase to take on holiday, it is useful to consider the type of holiday you are about to embark on.

If you are going to a single destination for a period of time and are being transported to your destination by organized transport or taxi, you can really take whatever type of suitcase you like. However, a sturdy, durable suitcase with a good wheelie system will make travel easy and stress free. Remember you will still need to lift the case from an airport carousel or bus and wheel it into your hotel, B&B or guesthouse.

If you are traveling to many different destinations and making use of public transport, a lightweight bag with wheels that can transform into a backpack is a great asset. It will enable you to wheel the case where possible, but be able to lift it and put it on your back like a traditional backpack, leaving your hands free for showing tickets, passports etc. These cases also tend to have better access than the traditional backpack. Gone are the days of having to remove all the items from your backpack to reach something that is inevitably at the very bottom. Make sure when you purchase a case of this nature that it sits comfortably on your back and is easy to carry. Make sure that the wheel system doesn’t take up too much of your packing space.

If you will only need to carry your case up and down stairs at railway and bus stations, a soft bag on wheels with a carrying strap can be useful. This will enable you to carry it down stairs into rail undergrounds, stations and bus terminuses but the majority of time it will be wheeled behind you.

Restrict yourself to one suitcase. It is very difficult to pull more than one wheelie suitcase at a time.

Use a money belt to hold your passport, travel documents and money. Avoid one that clips on around you as this can be easily unclipped by thieves. Use one that is inconspicuous, with a strap that cannot easily be cut or torn.

When purchasing a suitcase or bag with wheels, make sure that the wheel system is well balanced. Be careful that your case does not continually spin off its wheels and turn over.

Remember to check the weight of your suitcase before purchasing it. Some cases can weigh in excess of 5kg. Airlines have become stringent on luggage weight and size. Do not purchase something that does not fall within generally accepted sizes for airlines. This is important for hand luggage. Some smaller planes have limited overhead cabin space and your hand luggage with all your valuable items may end up in the hold if it is too large or too heavy.

To make your suitcase stand out on airport carousel invest in a brightly colored bungee cord to tie around the case. This way it is unlikely that you will take another suitcase in error and you can easily spot a person removing your suitcase from the carousel.


Date posted: 26th June, 2011

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