Meeting People

Meeting Strangers

Meeting people from different cultures and from all walks of life can be one of the most fulfilling and pleasurable parts of your traveling experience. Many people shy away from meeting strangers, fearful of potential dangers and risks. As long as you take a few basic precautions and remain alert, strangers should not pose any threat to you.

If you are traveling on your own you should be wary of people you meet. Don’t give too much information about yourself away on first meeting. Be deliberately vague about where you are staying and how long you plan to be in a certain place. Do not be specific about your travel plans. Rather try and find out as much as you can about the other person or people. Shift questions around. If somebody asks you where you plan to go next, reply that you were thinking about a place but are not too sure about it and ask if they have been there. Ask what they would recommend. This way you can get more of an idea of the people you are talking to and maybe get some wonderful travel advice at the same time.

If you have an uneasy feeling about a person who approaches you and starts talking, walk away. Don’t be worried about appearing rude. You may never meet them again and in some cases it is better to appear rude, rather than adhere to any social niceties that may put you in danger.

Sometimes the people you meet end up traveling with you for a period of time. In foreign cultures it is often great to band together and share experiences, However, be careful of committing yourself to traveling with others, After a while you may find that you have little in common and then have difficulty extricating yourself from the traveling partnership. When agreeing to travel with people, always leave yourself an exit strategy. Invent relations that you will be meeting in the future ensuring that your new found partners realize that you may leave them shortly.

Remember, people you meet on your travels can be interesting, eclectic and inspiring. Your encounters will usually be brief ones, touching each others lives, never to meet again but leaving a lasting impression and great memories. Sometimes, these encounters lead to life long friendships, so be open to strangers. Don’t shy away from fellow travelers and locals in the countries that you visit. Your life will be greatly enriched by the people you meet.


Date posted: 27th June, 2011

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