Traveling at the Lowest Possible Cost

Traveling at the Lowest Possible Cost

Everyone loves traveling but the increasing cost of airfare and accommodations plays havoc with out travel budget. But there are actually a million ways by which you can travel at the lowest possible cost. The following 5 tips will teach you to stretch your travel dollar as far as possible.

Know where the bargains are

Always watch out for deals on airfares and hotels. Sign up for alerts on your preferred airlines hotels and even the car rental agencies. If you are bidding for deals on well known websites like Priceline, try to go for the lowest acceptable bid. If you are traveling in SE Asia then use Air Asia or Jetstar for most of your air travels. They are very cheap; you can get to Phuket from Bali at only USD 65.


Well, you cannot do this in some countries but it is very much possible to pay only $25 instead of the advertised price of $75 for white water rafting in Bali. Just check the advertised price for any tour or activity and then try to bring the price down to at least half. However, this policy will not work in some countries.

Research well

A number of cities around the world have free festivals and/or free museums. For example, there is a free festival every month at Melbourne and a majority of the museums in the US and New Zealand offer free entry to the visitors. Always check the distance of the hotel from the airport and the modes of transportation available from the airport. You can easily substitute a $60 taxi ride with a $5 bus ride. Never tip unnecessarily; always find out whether tipping is customary or not. There is no need to tip in countries like Australia as people are already earning close to $30 an hour.

Use public transportation

Cities in US are essentially car dependent but majority of the countries in the world boast of a very good public transportation system. If you buy a pass for $56 in Australia, you can enjoy unlimited use of bus, tram and trains. Public transport, in some countries is not very convenient or comfortable but they do allow you to save a lot of money in the long run.

Do not check luggage

This is really important. Believe it or not, you will save hundreds of dollars when you are not checking in the luggage. It will cost a minimum of $25 to check luggage; so the total bill will be pretty high when you are catching a lot of flights. There is no need to drag around a ton of luggage at the time of traveling; just carry what you actually need.

Date posted: 31st July, 2015

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