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Two Weeks in the US

When you are thinking of traveling during the summer vacation, a holiday in the US always seems to be a pretty good option. United States is one of the largest and diverse countries in the world and there are many reasons to come here. You can check out the innumerable national parks, go star spotting in Los Angeles or if you prefer, check out a Broadway musical in New York. The country is very much car dependant and you might have to rent a car if you plan to spend around 2 weeks in the US.  This article will teach you how to live in US for 2 weeks even when you are on a shoestring budget.

Avoid the tourist traps

A majority of the popular tourist sights in the US have a wide range of tourist businesses around them. Unfortunately, these businesses sell very low quality merchandise at highly inflated rates. These are known as ‘tourist traps’. Any popular attraction is usually surrounded by gift shops, restaurants and streets vendors. Try to avoid these establishments and buy your food and souvenirs from shops which are located a further away from the spot.


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If you are traveling with kids then we suggest that you park yourself at Orlando for at least 3 – 4 days. The city boasts of a number of family attraction parks and you can purchase a package for the whole family so that you enjoy the most by spending minimum. You can put up at budget motels as they usually charge well within $60 per night.

Travel by bus

Bus travel is the cheapest mode of transportation in the US. In fact, bus stations are more common in US than airports. Special reduced fares are always offered to international travelers and the biggest advantage of bus travel is that it lets you enjoy as you travel. Greyhound Bus Company is a highly reputed and dependable bus service in the US.


American cuisine is very varied and delicious but we suggest that you stick to local delicacies so that you can have lunch or dinner at low rates. Try the salmon in the northwest, barbecue in Texas and clam chowder in the northeast. To make your meals less expensive you can try to live on macaroni & cheese, hamburgers and, of course, the succulent beef steaks. Drinks are available for a minimum of $1 and bartenders expect 10% per round. If you are having food in a restaurant, you must offer 15% tipping unless it is already included in the bill.

How to stay cheap

US are not bereft of cheap accommodation options. You can get dorm beds for $20, campground for $15 or stay at motels where they will charge you a maximum of $60 per night. Use public transportation like buses, subways and mass transit whenever and wherever possible. You are likely to incur $2 -3 per trip. Do not carry large amounts of cash for regular use; try to depend on debits cards and credit cards.

Date posted: 4th June, 2015

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