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USA’s Great Northeast: Five Cities Not Named New York That You Need to Visit

World travellers know that New York is a major hub for travel to North America. While it is an important city, there are other cities in close proximity that are often overshadowed by New York, but are well worth visiting.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia tours and siightseeing

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Only two hours from New York, Philadelphia is the birthplace of America and holds a mixture of new and old to be experienced. Home to museums, national landmarks, futile sports teams and the cheese-steak, it’s a tough city, but worth visiting. Here you can visit Independence Hall, where the idea of the United States of America was first brought to fruition, or you can run up and down the steps at the Museum of Art just as Sylvester Stallone did in one of the Rocky movies. Catching a live concert at one of the cities many music venues is a great choice, as places like the Electric Factory and Trocadero have played host to many of the great rock bands.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston tours

Possibly the only city in the country that can give Philadelphia a run for its money in terms of historical significance, Boston is the heart of the upper northeast. Apart from history, Boston also has art on its side, the Boston Pops possibly being the most famous pops orchestra in the United States. Boston is also home to a great number of incredible churches, for the architecture buff.


Baltimore, Maryland


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Four hours south of New York, Baltimore is a city on the rebound. While still dealing with some of the crime issues of the past few years, the rehabilitation of the Inner Harbor and the surrounding neighbourhoods is helping Baltimore to come back into its own and bring back the charm to the Charm City.

Downtown Baltimore plays host to a number of important cultural, scientific and historical venues and groups. Foremost on that list is the Baltimore Aquarium, one of the top public aquariums in the world, followed closely by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, internationally renowned and having been around for nearly a century. This city has given the world a number of great artists, ranging from the off-kilter films of John Waters to the morose poetry and prose of Edgar Allan Poe.

The cuisine of Baltimore is a great draw as well, with any sit-down restaurant making use of the port location, filling the menus with dishes based around the famous Maryland blue crab and other local seafood.


Providence, Rhode Island


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Providence is possibly the most often overlooked city in the northeast, which may come from being in the smallest state, as well as its close proximity to Boston. Providence has plenty to offer the world traveller though. Its greatest offering is probably the quality and quantity of restaurants available. Like much of the northeast, locals make use of the bounty from the nearby Atlantic Ocean to produce quality seafood dishes. The city also has a great underground arts scene, as well as being one of the most gay- and lesbian-friendly cities in the United States.


Washington, DC

Washington D.C

The capital of the United States, Washington DC is also home to the premiere museums and some of the best dining that America has to offer, as well as the most iconic landmarks and memorials. Washington is also the least lived-in of these cities, as most of the people who spend a lot of the time in the city don’t actually live there. This is an advantage for visitors from out of the area, as it means that DC is constantly having to produce high-quality art and food to draw these people in while they are at work.

It is easy to pick out what is worth seeing in Washington, but it is worth noting that many of the best restaurants in this city are further away from the busy Capitol area.

Date posted: 6th July, 2012

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