Venice Ferries

Venice Ferries

Instead of traditional streets the city is built around canals, hence the only mode of transportation in Venice is the local ferries and traditional Gondolas. The specially designed Gondolas are the historical transport in Venice , but these days they are usually the preferred transportation of tourists, with locals opting for the inexpensive local ferries.

Venice Ferries

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The ferry trips are the ideal means to explore the beauty of Venice . Also known as water taxis by the locals, they are the perfect means of travelling the many canals and waterways of this unique city. As you travel in these water taxis, you will be perfectly positioned to view the many architectural wonders, the beautifully constructed and painted buildings. Get on and off the ferries to explore the museums and galleries in this extraordinary city. There are promenades and bridges to more around the city, but there is no vehicular traffic allowed in the main part of the city of Venice . Instead do the same as the locals and find water taxis that carry passengers to the different parts of the city.

If you come to Venice from the Adriatic region, there is the new Marittima Ferry port terminal in Venice , you can find shops, restaurants, and cafes that offer all public conveniences. Catamarans from the northern Adriatic are also operated from this port as well as transport arriving from Greece and Croatia . Travelling by water is undoubtedly the favoured option in Venice and taking advantage of public water taxis and ferries makes the whole experience enjoyable and inexpensive.

Date posted: 18th May, 2016

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