Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express

A legendary train ride that provides unsurpassed luxury and aristocracy, the exclusiveness of these enclosed worlds of Victorian era luxury will take one back to the days of the early 20th century. and provide a temporary escape from the modern world; riding in these carriages, one will also be reminded of the mysteries of Agatha Christie and be able to compare firsthand the details of the train to those of her novels, the 1900s, and the opulence and luxury of that particular era.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Italy

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Characterized by fine furnishings, gourmet cuisine, and personal servants, the glamour and romance of this is said to be among the best offered by any train ride in the world. Combined with the beautiful scenery of traditional Europe (this train passes through countryside routes of France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and northeast Italy, ending at its ultimate destination of Venice), this is one of the most unique, first class, and stunning train rides in the world.

Running from London to Venice, the 31 hour ride, overnight trip will begin the first leg of the trip in London and travel to the town of Folkestone; the town of Folkestone is a transfer point, and it is here that passengers will be transferred by bus through the English Channel to the actual Orient Express train, where they will remain for the rest of their journey. The trains consists of up to seventeen carriages, all of which are originals from the early 1900s, and which are broken down into eleven sleeping and passenger cars, three dining cars, one bar car, and two service cars; due the limited number of passengers, a staff member is available for every passenger, with over forty staff catering to the needs of the entire passenger class. As they begin to climb through the Alps, the passengers will receive their breakfast in a dining car adorned with elaborate mahogany inlays and Lalique light fixtures; while they eat and enjoy this decadent ambience, they may gaze outside at alpine meadows, picturesque country villages, and the majestic Alps in the background (note that passengers are encouraged to dress as formally as possible for each meal, with this being the standard; it is said that no passenger can ever be too overdressed on the Orient Express). Further on, the scenery will change to vineyards and wineries, cows grazing serenely in alpine meadows, and cute, clean, and quaint villages. Later in the day, the landscape will evolve into endless sweeps of vineyards as both lunch and dinner are served. Overall, this train ahs said to be beyond the bounds of one’s imagination, worth the expense and more, and a lifetime event; one of the most romantic and opulent train rides available today, it is also one of the most famous in the world. Note that the Venice Simplon Orient Express books early, so it’s best to make one’s reservations a full six months in advance.

(Note; To maintain and enhance the authenticity of this train as a historic early 1900s train, there are not bathrooms but rather washrooms for all sleeper compartments of this train; this translates into no private shower facilities throughout the entire train, but rather basins filled with hot and cold water. This will be the only means of bathing for the entire trip. For those who are un-prepared to do this for the length of the trip for the extravagant price, they may wish to consider a different train ride.)

Date posted: 14th June, 2016

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