Venice Wedding Italy

Venice Wedding

If you were asked where you’d want to have a wedding in Italy and you had to give your answer in a split second, the most likely answer would be Venice, Italy.  For the setting itself where the architecture and whole atmosphere of the location is rich in history, music and art, there’ wouldn’t be a better location to tie the knot.  Everything about the place spells romance and love.  Weddings that happen in a fantastic setting such as this doesn’t only happen in movies but it can also happen to you and the love of your life.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll experience a certain kind of quiet when you have your wedding in the island city of Venice.  You’ll be putting a more solemn kind of feel into your union where no one but your loved ones, the timeless elegance of the city is going to surround you.  You’ll be putting yourself in the midst of the romantic where your wedding backdrop is made up of piazzas, tiny bridges and of course the infamous canals that are peppered with gondolas moving out and about.

Venice Wedding

Having made the decision that you’re going to have a Venice wedding, you can start with filing out the request info page.  You have to specify your religion, country of citizenship, and details of the wedding among others.  On the lower part of the page, you can specify the services you need to make your wedding perfect.  You have choices for rehearsal dinner, photographer, hair and makeup, music for the wedding ceremony, flowers, gondola ride, fireworks, opera concert for the reception and even a personal website for your wedding.  Just in case you have other requests, you can fill in the other requests box.

Venice Wedding Italy

From there, you’ll have the best wedding planned where you can set it in locations in Venice like Renaissance villas, gardens, castles and also the most famous of churches in the area.  If you’re looking for a wedding with a Medieval theme, you can also easily book these where costumes will also be provided with a reception venue in a palace ballroom.  What you see in the movies and you think you can only dream about for your wedding can be a reality for you.  You just have to book your wedding in Venice, one of the top locations for a most romantic and memorable union.

Date posted: 17th September, 2014

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