Vinpearl Land Vietnam

Vinpearl Land

Nestled on a small island in the South-East of Vietnam, Vinpearl Land is a tourist attraction with a difference. Found across the water from the thriving holiday destination of Nha Trang in the striking bay of the same name, an inlet often mentioned in lists of the most beautiful in the world, Vinpearl cannot be missed due to the enormous Hollywood style sign fixed to the side of its central hill. Whatever inspired the owners to place a huge gaudy sign on an island of such beauty is unknown but it certainly does grab your attention.

Vinpearl Land

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Once you cross the channel via either a boat-taxi or the longest over-sea cable car in the world and arrive on Hòn Tre Island the first thing they may notice is the distinctive level of luxury on offer. The island is home to the only six-star resort in Vietnam with each room having a private garden, balcony and three buffet meals per day. There are many activities to partake in as well including a private sea-top spa, 18-hole golf course and celebrated scuba diving but most people come here to experience the strange pleasure of the Vinpearl theme park. With over twenty water slides, South East Asia’s largest wave pool and a private beach on the South China Sea, Vinpearl should be overwhelmingly popular but for some unknown reason there are rarely more than a handful of people here. Queuing is never a problem for any of the rides, the food stalls and cafes regularly have more staff than customers and finding an isolated space on the beach is rarely a concern. The aquarium, although small, is hugely impressive too with numerous sharks, enormous indigenous fish and even a live dolphin show yet still this is also empty. The shopping street which sells high-end Vietnamese goods is consistently vacant; the only people visible are the bored looking shop floor staff who must surely have the best job in Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Land in Vietnam

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The problem is not the cost, although relatively expensive by Vietnamese standards, Vinpearl Land costs under £10 or US$15 for the full day including the cable car and aquarium. All of this may seem odd but it is when the sun goes down that the real sense of strange becomes apparent. The almost abandoned fun fair makes it feel as though visitors have walked onto the set of the film The Lost Boys, where again there is no need to queue for any of the attractions. The staff wait aimlessly on their shift finishing whilst half a dozen tourists play the arcade games or enjoy old-fashioned fun fair rides. The nightly light and water show is probably the most popular event on the island and is generally the only place where you will see people congregate en masse but even then you may be surprised by how few are there.

The journey home via either the water taxi or the cable car is equally strange, the pitch-black South China Sea that envelops you is ill suited for those with any apparent fears.

Date posted: 7th January, 2015

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