Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

One of the most pleasant islands in the British Virgin Island chain due to its untouched feel and relative lack of tourism, Gorda is a tiny gem where you can take life at your own pace. The population is centred on Spanish Town and this also where most of the fun takes place, with easy access to beaches, hotels, tour companies and restaurants. There is a burgeoning scene in the North Sound area of the island and this seems to be where more and more tourists are heading for a little bit of serenity.

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The island is most famous for the beach named The Baths, which has remarkable inlets that allow bathing under huge granite boulders, a wonderful experience and one that many people come to experience so it is best to arrive early. The Baths are located to the south of Spanish Town and have a variety of bars and restaurants in the surrounding area.

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If you enjoy a day away from the beaches then you can also climb Gorda Peak, which has an observation tower enabling you to see a full panorama of this beautiful island.

Date posted: 25th August, 2017

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