Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Wedding at Dalhousie Castle in Scotland

Has it always been your dream to get married in a traditional style castle steeped in history and charm?Then it makes sense to go right back to the home of the most glorious castles of all time.Scotland is renowned for its magnificent array of castles that pepper the landscape acting as a constant reminder of its turbulent past.Imagine making your way through lush Scottish parkland with the SouthEskRiver meandering its way through glorious green landscape.With the sound of billowing bagpipes and your groom clad in tartan taking pride and precedence like a royal king awaiting your arrival to his kingdom empire.Your rings are magically delivered by a Tawny owl clutching onto a little pouch, gracefully landing on the hand of your best man ready for the exchanging of the vows.What more could you ask for to celebrate your commitment amongst the magnificent beauty of DalhousieCastle.

Dalhousie Castle

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Dalhousie Castle can be exclusively yours for this very special day, providing you with complete privacy and flexibility.You have complete freedom to dream big and create a magical wedding which is completely unique and one of a kind.You can enjoy Edinburgh any time of year with the castle featuring open log fires to provide a cosy and warm setting for the gatheringof friends and family.Impress and amaze your guests by holding your reception in the Dungeon banquet room, where weaponry and armour hang proudly on the walls displaying the raw history of Scotland and providing an enchanting memory which will stay with you for eternity.Experience Scottish cuisine at its finest by indulging in a traditional banquet style feast with all the trimmings, a hearty meal truly fit for a king and his new queen.

Why not delve right into the history and tradition of Scotland and partake in one of their rather unusual wedding rituals which are still commonly used today.How about incorporate ‘The Bride’s Cog’ into your celebrations, this is a drinking vessel in which a potent mix of alcohol is consumed from, this tradition was a very essential part of olden day island weddings.Starting off with the bride taking a drink, the cog is then passed around to everyone in the banquet hall; it is replenished constantly to ensure it doesn’t run dry.There are many different options available for you to celebrate the way the historians of Scotland did many years ago.


The best time to plan a wedding in Scotland is during May, June, and September when you will benefit from longer sunshine hours and have better chances of getting fine weather.The months of July and August are typically warm as well however you will be more likely to get a little rain.During April and May you will witness magnificent wildflower displays contrasting against the snow capped mountains.During June you will see continuous blankets of pink rhododendron blossoms along the highland hills while in August the hill sides are completely submerged under a beautiful covering of purple heather.

Couple are required to submit forms of intent to marry whether it’s for a civil wedding or religious ceremony.Notice forms and supporting documentation must be lodged with the local registrar where the wedding is to take place within 3 months of the intended wedding date, and no later than 15 days.For religious ceremonies either the bride or groom may be required to attend a meeting with the registrar to hand in notice forms, collect the Marriage Schedule, and to finalise wedding arrangements.In order to get married in Scotland every couple is required to have a Marriage Schedule which is made up by the registrar once he is satisfied with your application.This schedule must be presented to the person performing the wedding ceremony.After the ceremony, the schedule is signed by the bride and groom, the celebrant, and two witnesses provided by the bride or groom.It then must be returned to the registrar within 3 days of the wedding.

Date posted: 17th December, 2013

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