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Western Australia where the seas collide

There is so much natural beauty to explore when traveling south of Perth along the south coast of Western Australia. There are several intriguing stops to make along the way. From the wineries in Margaret River, to watching the seas collide in Augusta to exploring the ocean bays and unique forests there is no doubt that this area makes for a beautiful trip.

The scenery is stunning as you enter the renowned wine region of Margaret River. Stands of huge trees sit adjacent to huge grape orchards next to beautiful winding creeks. It seems as though it all might just go on forever. It’s easy to buy a lot of wine as you drop by the various wineries for wine tastings. You will be greeted with royal treatment and a selection of Australia’s finest…it’s hard to walk…or stumble away empty handed.

Margaret River Western Australia

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Caves Road leads to Augusta. The landscape continues to be stunning as you travel through more vineyards, ocean bays and the giant trees of the Boranup Forest. In Augusta, there is a beautiful historical lighthouse which denotes the most southwest point of Australia. It is here where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean collide. It does cost five dollars per person to witness the excitement but it is worth the price of admission and is a great spot to take several photos.

Consider buying a park pass while traveling through this area as there are so many interesting parks along the way, where you can go into and walk amongst the giant jarrah and marri trees. Some of the parks offer canopy walks or you can stick to the forest floor to examine the unique trees who have so much personality you can almost see faces in some of them.

Extending your visit into Pemberton is a must. Pemberton is home to the famous “Gloucester Tree” that is reputed to be the worlds highest fire lookout tree. There are 153 steel bars that circle the tree as they climb to the lookout at 61 meters! There are no safety harnesses or anything, just a sign with a warning and be warned…this climb is not for the faint of heart. The view at the top is stunning but the platform does sway slightly in the breeze which really adds to the thrill of the adventure! Be warned there has been known to be physical evidence of other adventure seekers uneasiness on the top platform. Climbing the tree is definitely not for everyone, but still fun to visit, and towatch and cheer on others who are willing to take on the challenge.

Continuing your visit along to Albany, a beautiful coastal city full of old heritage buildings where there is a nice hike to a beautiful beach called “Two People’s Beach”. The beach has stunning white sand, turquoise water and a mountainous landscape surrounding it. There are several parks to visit in the area with exhilarating views of sheer rock cliff hills and windmills.

The contrasting scenery when traveling the south western portion of Western Australia will leave you appreciating what a large and diverse state it truly is. The drive through the wineries and forests alone will rejuvenate your senses. The oceans, parks and forests will leave you breathless. With a wide arrange of accommodations and activities, this area is wonderful for a quick get-away or an extended vacation. You will not be left wondering what to do, but instead wondering how you are going to fit it all in.

Date posted: 28th December, 2014

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