What to do when it rains on holiday

What to do when it rains on holiday

The postcards and travel agents made it seem like a guarantee: 100% sun for 100% of the duration of your trip! But no. Sadly no. The rain started and just didn’t stop and so, for those days when you just can’t handle going out headfirst into the force of nature, here is a suggestion on how to spend your days when you are stuck indoors. 

Rainy day - rainbow

Read a book

Rainy  day - pile of books

How many times have you thought about wanting to read that book that everyone is talking about (Fifty shades of Grey, I’m thinking of you), but not been able to due to work, tiredness or other commitments? Now is your time. Curl up on a comfy sofa or in your hotel bed and get lost in the story, guilt-free. Many large hotels or hostels will have a books that you can borrow or swap, or may be able to suggest an English language book store. 

Learn something!

Rainy day - cookery class

Most large cities will offer something in the way of museums, so ask around or check your guidebook to see if there is anything cool worth seeing that’s indoors. You may even be able to book onto a day course and learn a new skill that you can take back home with you. Common one day courses available for tourists include cooking, dance classes or specific traditional skills – such as bone carving or pottery. A class or a good museum will help you learn more about the culture and history of the place you are visiting, and you may even meet some fun people along the way.

Rainy day - museum

Make friends

One of the best parts of travelling is meeting new people and making friends across the globe. If you are at a sociable hostel this should be easy, just start up a conversation about how rubbish the weather is! Catch a beer and exchange travel anecdotes, most people will probably be willing to have a chat if they are also stuck indoors. Board games or a pack of cards can help wile away the hours until the sun comes out again.

Catch up on TV or a film

As a result of the age of the technology most long-term travellers will probably have a laptop or tablet and a big fat hard drive full of TV series and movies. Not a bad idea for long bus trips or flights, but also handy if it just won’t stop raining. Use your free time to watch the next season of your favourite show, or the film that’s been on your ‘Must Watch’ list forever. You might also be able to go to a local cinema – the ultimate rainy day activity.

Just chill out – you’re on holiday after all!

So it’s raining and you can’t make the most of today – so what? Being away is all about relaxing, and there will always be a chance to get outdoors tomorrow. Travelling can also be surprisingly tiring if you’re not used to language and systems of a new place. Make up for lost hours of sleep and charge up your batteries for the next day.

Rainy day - sunny beach

Enjoy your trip!

Date posted: 2nd March, 2015

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