Where celebrities go on holiday

To many of us, taking a vacation for a few months in the summer might mean heading out for a family road trip or heading out for a week of camping. However the rich and famous raise the bar considerably when taking some time to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. A trek to Yellowstone or a Grand Canyon tour may be all well for most of us, but the following locations are the where the high rollers go to dodge the press or get away from the hassles of everyday life. These exclusive locations offer everything from natural scenic beauty to being pampered on private islands. So if you are looking to emulate the voyages of celebrities then read on and get ready to learn about the top.

Grand Canyon

Looking for one of the top beaches to see and be seen. Sure the bright lights and salsa beats of Miami are enough for most of us, but for upscale beach bars and clubs and a private beach atmosphere, Punta del Este in Uruguay is the place to be. This small beach resort town is home to around 10,000 residents year round, but in the summer months see’s its population swell to over half a million as wealthy tourist flock here for its beautiful shores draped with beautiful sunbathers. This is one of the most exclusive beach getaways in all of South America so be forewarned that prices in the peak season can be extremely high. This adds to the areas exclusivity and Celebrities from Shakira to Richard Gere escape to the soft sandy shores for their time away in the hot Uruguayan Sun.

If you are looking for more than just a beachside getaway and want a bit more of the city life, Buenos Aires, Argentina is fast becoming one of the top locations drawing top celebs like Selma Hayek and The Jonas Brothers. The romance of this city is unreal and the European influence blends together with Latin American flair that makes this city unlike any other. The friendly passionate locals, the top notch nightlife and stunning colonial architecture set the stage for an amazing getaway in this cosmopolitan city perches upon the shores of the Rio de la Plata.

Buenos Aires

Of course we would be remiss to not mention St. Tropez, the gorgeous Mediterranean city perched along the coastal hills of the French Riviera. A huge yachting port and a city that is host to many well known celebrities during the summer months, this city offers soft sundrenched beaches and high end fashion boutiques and resorts catering to the well to do tourist crowd. While this gorgeous seaside city is kind to your eyes, it is a bit intrusive to your savings account so plan to come here with some dispensable cash as this beautiful location is exorbitantly expensive.

Speaking of expensive Mediterranean cities, you need not move far down coast to find Monte Carlo. This coastal city is one of the most exclusive and expensive cities in the world and is well known for being home to some of the rarest automobiles in existence. Travelers come here to see the many areas in the city that have been depicted in popular films like Casino Royale and other classics. With gorgeous architecture an ideal Mediterranean setting and high end fashion outlets this city is a natural draw for the rich and famous and it is no wonder why celebrities, CEO’s and other wealthy travelers visit here each year in the summer months for a luxurious European getaway.

As a favorite destination for yachting enthusiasts, Greece and its gorgeous islands are well known for being a mystically beautiful part of the world that enjoys a rich history dating back thousands of years and makes for an amazing destination.

While just as alluring to many travelers as the aforementioned cities of St. Tropez and Monte Carlo, the islands and coastal areas of Greece are cheaper and much more accessible to the everyday traveler. The beauty however cannot be passed up by the wealthy travelers of the world who come to sail the Greek Islands to see the white coastal houses of Santorini or the historical ruins in Athens. This area of the world enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate year round and offers a richer history and more top attractions than other top Mediterranean destinations.


For fun in the sun in the Caribbean, there may be no better destination for the rich and famous that the gorgeous shores of St. Barth’s. With private resorts and villas that cater to wealthy tourists and high end fashion outlets nearby, this area has the infrastructure and beautiful scenery that make for an exclusive upscale getaway along the shores of the warm Caribbean Sea.

Heading west to Mexico we can find another resort city that caters to tourism and gives travelers all the tequila and pampering they can handle. Cabo San Lucas is a hotspot for American Tourists desiring warmer temperatures at beachside resorts and you can find a who’s who of celebrities here in the winter months. From Jessica Alba to Kim Kardashian, camera bulbs flicker along the beaches to catch the beautiful travelers in their bikinis and this place gets even hotter by night with a nightlife that is infamous for its laid back attitude.


All of these locations are places where you can find some of the most famous celebs getting their R&R on and as you can see the natural beauty of these places and temperate climates make for wonderful vacation getaways. So book your ticket and make your reservations now to live life in the lap of luxury and soon enough you will be living life like the big shots.

Date posted: 27th November, 2012

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