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Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

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The Trans-Siberian Railway is the largest stretch of railway in the world: it crosses seven time zones between the Russian capital of Moscow and Vladivostok, the once-closed military port on the Pacific Coast of the Russian Far East. Stops en route include Lake Baikal (the world’s biggest lake by volume of water); Irkutsk, which was once called the Paris of Siberia; and Ekaterinburg, where the last tsar of Russia, Tsar Nicolas II, and his family were murdered by the Bolsheviks. Trains running along the route vary from very basic local passenger services to the luxury Golden Eagle, which completes the one-way route in two weeks with regular stops along the way. 

Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Travel Pacific Coast Highway

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The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic routes one can travel in the entire world. The road hugs the coastline along the west of the USA, and the crown jewel of the driveis undoubtedly the unmatched beauty of the California and Highway 1. Be sure to stop to see the world-class aquarium in Monteray and Hearst Castle with its medieval European interiors, as well as to walk the boardwalk at Carmel and Santa Monica. As you drive you’ll likely see dolphins frolicking in the waters beneath you, making this a roadtrip you will never forget.

Serengeti Great Migration, Tanzania

Serengeti Great Migration, Tanzania

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The guided tours that follow the massive migration of animals across the African continent from Tanzania to Maasai Mara is an experience unlike any other. Hundreds and thousands of wilderbeast, deer and other herbivores make their way across the plains, and in their wake come lions, cheetahs and other big game. Options for following the migration include jeep safaris and light aircraft, and you can stay either in tented safari camps or in regular hotels.

Mediterranean Sea by Sailboat

Mediterranean Sea by Sailboat

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There may be no better method of viewing Europe and northern Africa than by sailboat. From the amazing Rock of Gibraltar, past Barcelona and the Cote d’Azur, along Italy to North Africa and onward to the mystical Greek Islands, Turkey and Cyprus, there is no shortage of beauty and history along the coastal countries of the Mediterranean. The best time to sail in Europe is in the summer, though independent travellers should try to avoid the busy school holidays.

Amazon River by Boat, Brazil

Amazon River by Boat, Brazil

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The Amazon River is a wonderland of unique natural surroundings and flora and fauna seen seldom else in the world. As there are few roads through this part of the country, and the ecosystem is built around the river, why not see the Amazon Rainforest from the river? You can take to the water on a boat, a kayak or a raft and will see far more than if you travel by car or plane.

Ascending Mt. Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest

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There may be no feat that is more sought after than the ascent of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth. Each year many brave souls attempt the trek; some make it to the top, and many more do not. The yearning to stand at the top of the world continues to make this one of the most impressive journeys in the world.

Goa Express, India

The Goa Express is a train journey that heads out to the famed Goa Beachside, an area well known for its unique beauty. Goa was a Portuguese territory until the 1970s and so it is culturally distinct from other parts of India: Portugues and Indian traditions and architecture merge. The trip itself is a wonderful experience, offering great views of the area between Delhi and Vasco de Gama.

Fjords by Boat, Norway

Fjords by Boat, Norway

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The fjords of Norway are amazing and cruising through the narrow passages that have been

carved by glaciers by boat is an experience that you will never forget. This top destination for nature travellers in Norway makes for a wonderful travel journey. You can visit the fjords on a large cruise ship or, if you have a little more money and time to spend, sail onboard a smaller ship that can get right into the small jetties and harbours.

Kayaking the Grand Canyon, USA

Kayaking the Grand Canyon, USA

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The Grand Canyon is quite possibly the greatest natural wonder in the world, and though it is visited by milions of people every year, the vast majority of people will only ever see the canyon from the top. Kayaking offers a completely different perspective. This is a journey that is tough to come by as there is in many cases a few years’ waiting period to make this trek with a tour company. For those willing to plan ahead, kayaking through the Grand Canyon is the best way to see the majestic red rocks and spend a day out on the river all in one.

Cruising the German Autobahn, Germany

The beautiful countryside of Germany is just one of the many reasons to make the journey on the Autobahn in Germany. The Autobahn is the national motorway or highway and it is a testing ground for the many German sports cars because there is no legal speed limit. The Germans are, on the whole, disciplined drivers so it is still safe to drive here, and you can get quickly and easily from one side of Germany to the other.

Australian Outback Crossing, Australia

The Australian Outback is largely unpopulated by humans and makes for an unmatched travel journey for travellers looking to venture into the wilderness. The trip by car is an amazing adventure in one of the most distinct countrysides in the world. You can expect to see a wide range of Australian flora and fauna, including the distinctive kangaroos, wallabies and wombats.

Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, is central to the faith of Islam and every year more than 13m Muslims make the trip to Saudi Arabia to pray. The significance of this human migration and its religious importance makes the trip a top travel journey. The Hajj is supposed to be completed at least once in the lifetime by all Muslims and will be a very spiritual and religious experience for all involved. Note that non-Muslims are unfortuantely not permitted within the confines of the holy city, though it is possible to visit many other parts of Saudi Arabia. 

Hiking Tierra Del Fuego National Park, Argentina

Tierra Del Fuego National Park

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Tierra Del Fuego National Park is an outdoors enthusiasts’ playground. From amazing hiking to the lakes and ancient, massive glaciers that make the area so uniquely beautiful, this intriguing place is without question a top destination when in southern Argentina. There are numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the park, with options suitable for all abilities. Local rangers can show you the most scenic spots and also point out the park’s unique flora and fauna. The birdlife is particularly impressive.

Pan American Highway

Though the Pan American Highway is no longer fully connected as it was previously, the famed road still transverses the majority of North, South and Central America and makes for an amazing journey through the ever changing countryside, going very nearly pole to pole by car. You will need your own vehicle, and it should be kitted out for all manner of environmental and road conditions. A GPS will help you find your way but don’t forget to bring a collection of paper maps too for those inevitable occasions when the GPS won’t connect.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Glacier Express is a train that crosses through the Swiss Alps and is considered by many to be one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Each year travellers pick this specific journey to enjoy the unbelievable views of the majestic Swiss Alps on this truly unique train ride. The Swiss railway network is exceptionally efficient, clean and affordable. Although there are luxury, sleeper trains operating the route, the local, passenger services are still amongst the most pleasant anywhere in the world.

Pride of Africa Railway

There may be no better way to explore the countryside and gorgeous natural surroundings in Africa than by hopping on the well-known Pride of Africa and taking a train ride through many African nations from South Africa to Tanzania.  The staff onboard cater to travellers requests as the train pushes through the exotic and beautiful African landscape while you sit back and relax in style. The strength of this route is that you are able to see so much of the places in between: you are not restricted to city hopping and pass through many more kilometres of terrain than you would do travelling by car.

Sailing the Greek Islands, Greece

Sailing the Greek Islands

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Sailing the Greek Islands is a magical undertaking and a travel journey that dates back to ancient times: many of the Greek epics grew up around the exploits of sailors in the Mediterranean. The many beautiful Greek Islands, from Santorini to Mykonos, make for excellent ports of call for sailors looking to get out and explore the beautiful islands off the coast of Greece and it is easy to dock in quiet coves as well as in more established harbours. 

Sailing the Caribbean

The Caribbean and its many ports and beaches are truly incredible, with turquoise waters, bright white sands and glorious sunshine, especially in the winter months. Seeing this part of the world by sailboat is incredible, and many sailors head to the Caribbean from ports around the world to come here for fun in the sun and sea.Highlights include historic English Harbour in Antigua, San Juan (one of the oldest cities in the Americas) in Puerto Rico, and the fascinating rainforests of St Lucia. If you don’t have access to your own yacht, why not see the islands from the comfort of a cruise ship instead? It’s an easy and affordable way to take in multiple islands in a relatively short period of time. 

The Great American Roadtrip, USA

The United States may well be the best place in the world to hop in the car and head out on the open road. The country is well built for road travel, with excellent roads, good signposting, cheap fuel and frequent and affordable places to stay, and there are so many great cities to visit from coast to coast. Plan a route that takes in Pacific Highway 1 along the coast of California, or maybe head inland and drive a stretch of iconic Route 66.

Europe by train

Each and every year backpackers and luxury tourists alike hop on and off trains, touring Europe by train. The Interrail pass covers most of the continent, is an affordable way to travel and understandably popular with students in particular. This is quite possibly the best way to see the region with scenic train rides between historic cities (and even under the English Channel) that make the journey unforgettable.

Date posted: 4th July, 2017

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