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Where to tour in Australia

How does one decide where they are going to tour in Australia? It is such a large country that boasts so many attractions that as you start to plan your holiday, you realize how difficult it will be to fit in everything you want to do. Where do you start? Where do you end up? The east and west coast alone have so many experiences to offer never mind the north, south, or even the middle! How do you start planning your trip when you want to see…everything?

Byron Bay Australia

The East Coast

The east coast is home to many of the iconic images that come to mind when you think of Australia. The sporting city of Melbourne, Sydney’s famous Opera House, the surf in Byron Bay all the way up to The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns is just a taste of what the east coast has to offer. A beautiful landscape of surf and sand combined together with a lively and interesting culture makes the east coast a wonderful place to visit.

Sydney Opera House





Being a popular destination gives the east coast the added advantage of having a variety of choices when it comes to accommodation, transportation, tour and activities. The east coast caters to all kinds of tourists and adventure seekers by offering a contrast of the built up gold coast in comparison to the quiet little coastal towns found in between the big cities. Traveling the east coast will give you the opportunity to meet tourists from all over the world and hit up Australia’s most popular beaches and attractions. The east coast is the path well traveled because it’s easy to do, fun to discover and beautiful all the way to the top.

Gold Coast

The West Coast

The west coast amazes with its diversity. People you meet who have traveled Western Australia can’t say enough about it, and those who haven’t been there express their wishes to go someday. The north feels so large in the wide open spaces of the dessert. It feels like the desert collides with the ocean as you explore the pristine, seemingly undiscovered shores. In comparison, the south has its lush forests and amazing wineries. It’s hard to believe you’re on the same coast never mind the same state. Heading south from Broome you truly appreciate what a large country Australia is, as you wonder when you’ll see the next amenity or even car. The west coast is home to world heritage listings such as Monkey Mia and the Ningaloo Reef.



Perth gardens

Perth is a beautiful city to explore while close by Freemantle feels like a trendy place to walk around while holding a coffee in your hand. As you head further south, you’ll be amazed to watch the landscape trees as the gnarly jarrah and  marri trees begin to appear. The wineries are so beautiful and the wine so delicious that you’ll be left wanting more…and more.  While the West Coast has much to offer travelers, parts of it are more off the beaten path and therefore can require a bit more planning ahead. There is still a variety of tours, transportation and accommodation options but the distance between destinations can be quite far and therefore may require a bit of research before hand as to where you’d like to spend the majority of your time.

Wherever you decide to go, east, west, north or south; Australia’s unique offerings will leave you wanting more.

Date posted: 17th January, 2015

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