Why Travel?

Why Travel?

Quick, think of an activity that is social, inspirational, educational, and exciting, all at the same time. Did the word ‘travel’ come to mind? You’d be hard-pressed to find a single human endeavor that delivers more satisfaction than traveling –and here’s why.

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This year 3.3 billion people are expected to board a plane, and this number will more than double in the next twenty years, if stats are to be believed. But just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean that you should be joining them. Or does it? Well let me offer you some reasons why you should consider traveling a foundational life-enhancing activity.

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The experiences one has on a traveling holiday, inevitably lead to entertaining and enriching conversation with friends and family. Regular travelers are passionate conversationalists and enliven social engagements, with stories of great (and sometimes lesser) experiences that altered their experience of life.People love listening to the accounts of other’s expeditions, particularly outside countries with which they themselves are more familiar.

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Of all the reasons to travel, the broadening of the mind and encouragement to learn more, has to be my top priority. I have watched teenagers with no interest in history, transform into avid learners of historical events and political ideologies, inspired solely by visits to famous landmarks, places of interest or countries of turmoil. I have watched people embark on research assignments or write books, largely initiated by a spark of interest from a recent travel encounter.  Dr. Seuss once wrote –“the more that you read, the more things you will know.the more that you learn, the more places you will go.” Profound words from a children’s author.

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Travel makes learning real and broadens the mind. It magnifies its potential to think for itself, reason and retain knowledge. Travel gives the mind practical hooks to theoretical knowledge, engraving facts indelibly into the brain. Do you know of young people tired of learning? Broaden their horizon and kickstart their desire to learn by organizing a travel experience with a view to expanding their knowledge base.

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Travel is a universal language of connection between people of every culture, race and age group. My experiences of having crossed cultural barriers, and entered into the worlds and environments of communities outside my own have been overwhelmingly favorableas well as humbling. Arms of welcome are thrown wide, hospitality abounds, despite lack of means at times. There seems to be an unwritten code in human societies across the globe, to welcome in foreigners and make their stay worthwhile. My countless adventures through countries not my own have left me with a sense of awe and respect at human connection and many friends I may never have met, had I remained parochial.

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TravelIng can remodel your personality. This may sound extreme, but I have watched seriously introverted individuals, return from trips abroad with an ebullientrenewal of their identity; ready to lead lengthy, animated conversations about their experiences. What is often most noteworthy in these encounters with travelers is their undeniably enthusiastic testimony of the way in which the experience affected them on a deep personal level. It is this uncanny ability of the travel experience to mould and shape our deepest feelings, desires and mindsets, beyond our everyday complacency, that makes it a catalyst for mandatory human improvement.The human traits of compassion, social justice, solidarity and the brotherhood of man are ignited in the hearts and psyche of the seasoned traveller.

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And then there is the more blatantly obvious ‘raisonsd’etre’( or should that be ‘raisons de voyage’). It’s fun –fun with a capital ‘F’. The myriad of destinations, expeditions, itineraries and organized tour options truly cover the spectrum of human desire for enjoyment and a little ‘R and R’ ( Rest and Relaxation for those workaholic types). If you can imagine it, it can be arranged.

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From leisurely holiday cruises, drive and stay breaks, luxury hotels to themed holidays, adventure trips and learning experience holidays where one can take up a course in cooking, rock climbing, painting or the like, while experiencing the beauty and splendor of some exotic destination. There really isn’t anything that can’t be catered for in the world of travel. Adrenalin junkie or refined socialite there isn’t a single whim or fancy that cannot be catered to. So what will your pleasure be sir? Madam?

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Travel builds courage and daring into our human experience, breaking static moulds and withering desires. It renews passion and replaces boredom with vigor. It enhances our sense of expectation and zest for life. It puts to death the malignant  cancers of  mediocrity, complacency and status quo living. Travel gives us vision, destiny and heightens our senses to the world and its diversities. It builds courage, makes us tolerant, reshapes our thinking, inspires our creativity, challenges our preconceptions –in short makes us human.

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So say bon voyage to mundane;your nearest travel agent is just waiting to help create that fantasy holiday. Oh I know some of us think of the dangers, but traveling by plane, train or boat beats driving a car any day, for safety. “What if I lose my luggage?” -you say. Well travel insurance more than covers for those minor mishaps. Pack your oldest clothes and if they do go missing you could end up buying brand new clothes on the fashionable high end streets of London or Paris. Getting lost? Never –modern technology has you covered from every corner of the globe. Translation issues? Google is your best friend. It has never been easier or more convenient than in this modern technological age. And the world is waking up to making travel a five-star experience for all.


Like mining the depths of the most lucrative gold mines in the world, travel can only enrich one’s experience of reality. Packing your bags with a ticket to somewhere is so much more than just exchanging one location for another; it is a sense-altering, rejuvenation of the soul, mind, body and spirit. In the words of Melissa Allegra Williams –to travel is to live (well).And I wholeheartedly agree. The life that has not traveled has not lived, merely existed. And even if you don’t take the road less traveled by (Robert Frost), any road traveled is going to make a world of difference.

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Date posted: 9th April, 2015

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