Why travelling makes you a better person

Why travelling makes you a better person

People go travelling for many different reasons, but it wouldn’t be so popular if people didn’t feel they were getting something out of it. Travelling is one of the best times to reflect on yourself and your life as a result of leaving all your everyday worries behind. You will also learn more about the world, understand more about different cultures and become a more independent human being.

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When you leave the comfort and security of your normal environment, it forces you to take a deep breath, be brave and go outside and learn about the new world you’re in. As you travel, you will gain confidence in getting yourself places, making decisions and relaxing into new situations. Leaving plans behind and just ‘going with the flow’ can be a new experience for many people.

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If you are travelling alone you will find yourself having to do things that you would have needed others for at home. Cherish this new independence, and the strength of character it brings with it. Get better at talking to strangers, enjoy your time meeting new people and making new friends. Also, your new stories will make great anecdotes for future dinner parties.

Travelling can also give you a real sense of perspective on your current life, bothin good and bad ways. You will learn to appreciate the things you’ve take for granted, and be thankful for the many opportunities you’ve had. You might also learn about how different cultures offer solutions to problems you encounter at home. Learn from the experience and you will be all the richer for it. This is the best time to live in the moment, and enjoy the ‘right now’ without worrying about ‘what’s next’.

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By going away you will gain a broader understanding of the world in general, and it will make you a more knowledgeable person if you take the time to learn from different cultures. Use each moment as a chance to get to know either yourself or your surroundings better.

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All of this will lead to you understanding yourself better and being a more balanced person with a better capacity of being flexible and adaptable to change. Learn to appreciate the journey and not just the destination. Be OK with the fact that not everything might go to plan, but that that’s part of the adventure.

Date posted: 9th June, 2015

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