World best beaches

World best beaches

The world’s best beaches are defined by their beauty, pristine waters and excellent locations. Most of them make the list because they provide visitors with good weather conditions on a year-round basis and are usually near to some of the world’s finest hotels or accommodations, as well as allowing exploration of beautiful native landscapes and surroundings.


Two of the best areas to sunbathe and swim are located in Europe, the Barcelona area of Spain and the Mykonos Island Beaches in Greece. Both locations offer clean and family-friendly beaches as well as alternative or naturist beaches nearby. Each has a reputation for providing ample numbers of lifeguards and for clean sand and visitor facilities.

Mykonos Island Beaches

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Across the Atlantic Ocean, along the eastern seaboard of the North and South American continents are the majority of the world’s most popular and “best” beaches. From Bermuda to Brazil, this area is home to exotic, tropical and even unspoiled beaches surrounded by their original, uninhabited environments. The Fernando De Noronha beach in Brazil is a national park with a limited number of visitors allowed to enter each year. It is well worth the effort of acquiring a pass since it is surrounded by waterfalls and exotic sea and wildlife.

Fernando De Noronha

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Heading north a beach enthusiast should visit the Palm Beach area of Aruba which is considered one of the most family-friendly resort areas in the world, and home to some of the most beautiful beaches.

Aruba Beach

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Tulum Beach in Cancun, Mexico will introduce a beachgoer to pristine waters and Mayan ruins, some sitting right along the sands! This is a unique beach experience, and the reason it makes most of the world’s “best beaches” lists.

Tulum Beach Mexico

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The Caribbean and Bahamas areas are also home to some of the best beaches around, with Harbour Island in the Bahamas remaining a very popular location, and the entire island of Anguilla in the Caribbean often being visited strictly for its beaches. Of course, Horseshoe Bay in neighboring Bermuda is one of the world’s most visited, and yet peaceful, beaches available.

Harbour Island

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No list of the “best” beaches of the world would be complete without Pacific locations, and enthusiasts frequently point to Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands and Bora Bora in French Polynesia as home to the entire region’s loveliest beach locations.

Bora Bora

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We are all looking for the beach when it comes to a summer holiday, Costa Teguise is one place that never fails to disappoint.

Date posted: 14th March, 2016

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