World best bike rides

World best bike rides

Certainly a casual bicycle ride along a winding country road or forested park path can be a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing experience, but there are several bicycle tours or routes that are known by enthusiasts around the world for the challenges and remarkable scenery they provide. Some of the following routes should be attempted only by experienced cyclists, while others can be completed by those who ride for pleasure and regular fitness.

Route Verte in Canada

Route Verte in Canada

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A four thousand mile route recommended by everyone from the National Geographic Society to professional guides around the world. Long and short trips are easy to plan, and almost any level of experience can easily tackle portions of this beautiful road.

Ruta Austral in Chile

Ruta Austral in Chile

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More than twenty years in the making, this road is now one of the most popular for cycling tours in the world. “Underground Railroad” in the United States and Canada. This two thousand mile route marks the historic journeys made by thousands of slaves who bravely sought their freedom. A variety of terrain and historic locations makes this one of the most popular rides in both countries.

Munda Biddi Trail in Western Australia

An off-road cycling experience for all levels, and one of the country’s most popular trips.

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Vietnam Bike Tour

Currently most riders must have guides for this journey, but the remarkable beauty makes it one of the most sought out experiences for active travelers to Vietnam.

The Route of the Granfondo Sportful

Formerly known as the Gran Fondo Campagnolo, the race and route includes many mountain passes and scenic wonders throughout northern Italy, and is meant for experienced cyclists only.

Luchon to Bayonne in France

Luchon to Bayonne in France is popular with tourists since the end of WWII, this route provides a relatively easy ride with a few challenging portions and remarkable views of the countryside.

Route du Comte Jean

This journey takes riders from France to Belgium and includes coastal scenery as well as many locations to spend a few nights touring the lovely towns and villages.

Land’s End to John O’Groats in England

A ride that generally takes more than two full weeks, it is however the most written about bicycle trip in the UK.

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour Route

For more than thirty years thousands of cycling enthusiasts have signed on for this South African tour!

Date posted: 22nd February, 2016

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