World best ski resorts

World best ski resorts

Skiing requires more than just good equipment, it requires a location that receives ample snow, that is relatively easy to reach by car or train and that provides excellent accommodation to visitors looking to relax in comfort and, perhaps style. The following resort areas consistently rank among the best due to their conditions as well as their availability of excellent services, dining and accommodations.

World best ski resorts


Courchevel Ski Resort

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France is noted as the largest ski resort in the world, due to its seven villages all connected by lifts. It also attracts diners and shoppers from around the world as well, many who come to enjoy the scenery and the unique atmosphere as equally as the skiing. There are even opportunities for visitors to test their skills at ski jumping!

Aspen ski resorts

Aspen Sking

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Aspen, Colorado is probably the most well-known ski resort location in the United States. Though it is remarkably popular there are still many areas that don’t require long lines and waiting in order to enjoy a good day on the slopes. Accommodations, shopping and dining are world-class as well, and many people enjoy a day of “star watching” in the quaint town or on the trails.

Cortina d’Ampezzo ski resorts

Cortina d'Ampezzo ski resorts

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Cortina in Italy provides skiers with more than fifty resort locations, opportunities to try alternative sports like bobsledding and tobogganing, and over eighty-seven miles of trails.


Chamonix sking

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Chamonix in France provides some of the most diverse outdoor activities, in addition to the world-class skiing along the region’s twelve mile trail in the Vallee Blanche. Visitors can climb and ski glaciers, try their hand at hang gliding and even enjoy cross and backcountry skiing as well.

Squaw Valley ski resorts

Squaw Valley ski resorts

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Sqaw Valley and Lake Tahoe in northern California are among the most scenic and comfortable skiing areas in North America. Updated since the 1960 Olympics, the area is still a remarkable place to enjoy the outdoors.

Gstaad ski resorts

Gstaad ski resorts

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Gstaad in Switzerland is equally as glamorous as Aspen , with movie stars and celebrities all around, and the area is car free due to an automobile ban in place. It is the height of luxury and many come to the resort area for the spa facilities as well as the world-class skiing conditions.

Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort

Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort

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Whistler in British Columbia is known as one of the largest ski resorts on the North American continent, with lifts and helicopter skiing, luxury suites and outdoor facilities such has hot tubs and gourmet dining, it is a popular destination for those in the know.

Mont-Tremblant ski resort

Mont-Tremblant ski resort

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Mont-Tremblant in Quebec delivers Alpine skiing conditions in the easy to reach Laurentian Mountains of Canada.

Zermatt ski resort

Zermatt ski resort

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Zermatt in Switzerland is a bit of a secret among modern skiers and international travelers, but that may be due to its location at the foot of the Matterhorn , and the associated difficulties in skiing some of the terrain.


Tirol ski resort

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The tirol area in Austria is the home to modern skiing techniques and frequently provides longer seasons due to it mountain location. The villages remain remarkably uncrowded, and the accommodations range from clean and cozy to downright luxurious.

Date posted: 2nd May, 2016

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