World’s Best Surf Spots

Surfing has become a hugely popular sport for all ages (for those that are lucky enough to live on the coast) but most of us don’t venture far from our local beach to find a good wave. Below we have complied a list of the 50 best places to surf in the World, we have listed them in alphabetical order as they all offer magnificent breaks, let us know in the comments below what your number 1 best wave in the World would be. (be warned this selection of surf spots are not for the beginner surfer, most of these waves require some serious skills and some insane bravery to just paddle out.)

Nossa Surfing

  • Anchor Point Surfing

    Ever since its discovery in the 60s, Anchor Point in Morocco has been a surf trip pilgrimage for European surfers. Anchor Point is north of the Moroccan village Taghazout which has developed into a surf tourism town. It is the most famous for a serious of world class point breaks along the coastl… read more

  • Arugam Bay Surfing

    Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations in the world for fun, forgiving waves in warm tropical waters. The waves have enough power and size to elevate surfing levels without being too critical or intimidating. The point at Arugam Bay is Sri Lanka’s most famous break. Arugam Bay is a right han… read more

  • Bells Beach Surfing

    With Bells Beach, it’s not just the wave; no other spot in Australia has a deeper sense of surfing history. There is an aura of surfing greatness around Bells. Maybe this comes from the raw power of the Southern Ocean pounding sheer limestone cliffs or maybe it’s because of tales of the early su… read more

  • Bundoran Surfing

    Bundoran locals laid it all on the line and went public to save their wave from a mariner development. They invited the surf media to film, photograph and write articles about their little known surf spot. Now, their local is widely known as Irelands best wave and up there with Europe’s best surf … read more

  • Cabo Blanco Surfing

    Cabo Blanco is a fishing village on the edge of the arid desert landscape in far northeast Peru. It is also home to one of South American’s best left hand waves. That’s a big call in a continent loaded with classic point breaks and continual south swell, but Cabo Blanco’s reputation is well de… read more

  • Chicama Surfing

    Chicama is an unrivalled natural phenomenon, a marvel of the surfing world. On decent swells there are over 4kms of sand and rock bottom point stacked with line after line of never sectioning, almost unearthly glory. Just to stand on the headland and witness such a sight has been known to make surfe… read more

  • Cloud Nine Surfing

    Cloud Nine is a chance for the many good but not elite surfers in the world to ride a perfect open arms tube. It is up there with the best in the world but without the ferocity of Teahupoo or the heaviness of Pipeline. Cloud Nine is still a very powerful, thick wave not to be toyed with. Cloud Ni… read more

  • Cloudbreak Surfing

    Cloudbreak is one of the best waves in the Pacific islands, best lefts in the world and all round best waves in the world. It has been listed in all these categories and was once also the most expensive in the world, which thankfully is no longer the case. The rights to surfing Cloudbreak used to… read more

  • Crab Island Surfing

    Crab Island in County Clare, Ireland, is a half hour paddle out to sea from the small harbour town of Doolin. Out there in the deep blue is one of Ireland’s best waves. Crab Island is where Irish surfers (comfortable in waves of consequence) go for the ride of their lives. Crab jacks up fast in… read more

  • Desert Point Surfing

    Desert Point is a reminder that we as surfers are entirely dependent on the forces of nature, and their collaboration, in our quest for the perfect wave. When Desert Point is on it is a stand-out, shining jewel in the very bright crown that is Indonesian surfing. For many, catching a Desert Point… read more

  • El Confital Surfing

    Throughout the 80s and 90s the Canaries became a sort of North Shore for European surfers. The islands are littered with world class breaks, many with power enough to be an adequate training ground for the real North Shore. El Confital is considered the best right in the Canaries and possibly all of… read more

  • El Gringo Surfing

    Peruvian and Chilean surfers have had El Gringo to themselves since the 70s (though back then the boards did not allow them to surf it), but in 2007 the Rip Curl Search came to town and the surfing world soon learned of the cold water power awaiting those willing to travel. El Gringo is a powerfu… read more

  • G-Land Surfing

    The set-up at G-land is nothing short of a surfer’s tropical fantasy. A dense jungle setting, teaming with wildlife and some comfy, but not too flashy, surf camps in-front of a long arching point holding multiple barrelling reefbreaks. Grajagan is a long, fast left hand barrel, often with an of… read more

  • Gas Chambers Surfing

    Gas Chambers spits the best tube in Puerto Rico, there are no arguments there, but it’s also notoriously inconsistent. This turns the wave into something of a Puerto Rican legend. Gas Chambers breaks as a gnarly shorebreak over hard packed sand directly in-front of a rock wall. It’s not a beg… read more

  • Jeffreys Bay Surfing

    A smoking Jeffreys Bay line-up is a sight to behold. J-Bay in South Africa has long been on the list of the world’s best waves. It is a loooong right hand point break, over a rock and sand bottom, with seven different sections over a 1.5km stretch of coastline. Boneyards is at the top of the po… read more

  • Joaquina Surfing

    Joaquina is definitely a world class beach break. Contests both international and national have been held there since the mid 80s and it holds a central place in the psyche of south Brazilian surfers. Joaquina has a semi-point setup over hard packed sand and a long stretch of beach with numerous … read more

  • Kirra Surfing

    Back in the day Kirra was considered unsurfable. It was too fast and too critical, and would grind along the sandbar off Kirra Point, unridden. Then longboards became shortboards, and the inner depths of Kirra’s sand dredging tubes started to be explored. Pretty soon after, Kirra became recognised… read more

  • La Graviere Surfing

    La Graviere is the centrepiece of the famous Hossegor region, home to the best beach breaks in Europe. It breaks fast and furiously with a thick lip and rather close to shore. La Graviere is famous for delivering huge beach break barrels, breaking boards and cramming sand were it doesn’t belong. … read more

  • Lances Right Surfing

    Lances Right, sometimes called Hollow Trees or HTs, is the picture perfect tropical barrel we all dream of. No seriously, it is 'The One'. Lance’s Right is probably the most photographed wave in the world and for good reason. It is a perfect, front lit, almond shaped barrel, breaking in aqua colou… read more

  • Macaronis Surfing

    Macaronis could well be the best wave in the world. Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands are often cited as the best surfing region on earth and Maca’s is regarded as the best wave discovered in the Mentawais. Maca’s has it all. A long peeling lefthander (it goes without saying it is perfect), init… read more

  • Malibu Surfing

    Malibu may not be the biggest or heaviest wave in the world, but for the amount of surf history, and longboarding, Malibu is one of the best. Malibu became the focal point of SoCal surfing way back in the 40s. That was when the boards were all long and hot-dog surfing was the order of the day, wh… read more

  • Margaret River Surfing

    Margaret River is a mighty wave; mighty thick, mighty big and mighty consistent. It is one of Australia’s premier big wave spots. Essentially Marg’s is a left reef break over rocks but the shorter right is also surfed. Marg’s will break from 2ft to 15ft. Ideal is 6ft-8ft, ideal meaning a he… read more

  • Mavericks Surfing

    Mavericks place in surfing history is the point were real big wave surfing spread beyond Hawaii. Mavericks defining quality is that it holds a perfect barrel at incomprehensibly huge size. The shape allows it to be one of the biggest waves on earth that can be paddled into. Mavericks is an A-fram… read more

  • Mundaka Surfing

    The pilgrimage to Mundaka is a goofy footers birthright. Those long corduroy swell lines ripping along the near flawless, rivermouth sandbar, draw left footed surfers to Mundaka like disciples to the messiah. The small village of Mundaka and its fabled rivermouth lie deep in the Bay of Biscay, no… read more

  • Noosa Surfing

    Long sandy point waves, the ever present sunshine and a natural setting make Noosa one of the most picturesque surfing locations in Australia. Famous longboard shaper Bob Mctavish said surfing at Tee Tree, one of Noosa’s outer bays, “is like having a cup of tea with god”. The first 2 bays a… read more

  • Palikir Pass Surfing

    In a remote oft forgotten corner of the pacific islands lies a rare gem of the surfing world. A world class wave with friendly locals! P Pass short for Palikir Pass has been labelled one of the best right hand barrels in the world. It has made cover shots and professional surfers make wild claims… read more

  • Pasta Point Surfing

    Pasta Point is that perfect peeling wave drawn on the corner of surfer’s note books the world over. It is not a mutant slab or a surging death pit or even an intense Mentawaii tube. It’s just right. A turquoise peeling left with a steep (but make-able) take-off, a straight forward tube section, … read more

  • Pavones Surfing

    Pavones is a leg burner. It’s debatably the second longest left hand wave in the world. When it’s on, it’s epic, and rides over a kilometre long are possible. Pavones has fast barrelling sections and slower breaking big walls. Pavones lies inside the bay of the Guflo Dulce, and for this rea… read more

  • Pipeline Surfing

    Pipeline is the most famous wave in the world. To ride pipeline, when it’s big, defines what kind of surfer you are (most likely a professional or Hawaiian). Pipeline is famous, one because it is in Hawaii, the spiritual home of surfing, two because the Hawaiians and the entire surfing wo… read more

  • Puerto Escondido Surfing

    Puerto Escondido or the Mexican Pipeline is a beach break, but not just a regular fun beachie. It is the heaviest beach break in the world. When a swell hits Puerto the ground under feet shakes, the men are separated from the boys and the local board repairers (and sometimes paramedics) are kept bus… read more

  • Punta Roca Surfing

    El Salvador could be described as one long series of world class right hand point breaks and Punta Roca is the granddaddy of them all. Gerry Lopez was a regular visitor to Punta Roca during the 70’s. Gerry’s seal of approval is a fair indication that Punta Roca is a world class wave. Punta Ro… read more

  • Raglan Surfing

    Raglan is a long mechanical left hand pointbreak. Well, it is actually three long mechanical left hand pointbreaks, that sometimes connect. The rolling hills of the New Zealand countryside visible from the line-up; the friendly Kiwi’s living in Raglan (New Zealand people, not their national fli… read more

  • Restaurants Surfing

    The beauty of Restaurants lies in its location (within paddling distance of an idyllic tropical island), its shape (perfect) and in the fact that Restaurants is not a wave out to chomp boards or bodies. Restaurants is a long sectionless left wrapping around the reef with ideal speed and uniformit… read more

  • Rincon Surfing

    Rincon is California’s best right hand point break. Rincon orders the winter swell lines into remarkably long, mesmerising waves. They reel off down the line, with multiple barrel sections and can deliver rides up to 270m long. Rincon is so loved she is often referred to as The Queen of The Coast.… read more

  • Saint Leu Surfing

    Saint Leu is a left hand reef, breaking in the crystal clear waters of Reunion Island. When the Rip Curl Pro Search was the first ever ASP World Tour contest given a “licence to roam” they headed straight for St Leu. Saint Leu starts with a quick drop leading into a long walled section, a ba… read more

  • Santa Catalina Surfing

    No other right hand wave in Central America gets as big, as often or is as flawless as Santa Catalina. The Point at Santa Catalina breaks just off a small protruding headland over rocks. It has an easy take-off leading into a powerful bowling section that will cover up lucky surfers with a mighty ba… read more

  • Shipstern Bluff Surfing

    Shipstern Bluff should be viewed with a mix of revulsion, wide eyed wonderment and pure respect for those daring enough to attempt to ride such a wave. It is huge, absolutely huge, thick beyond belief, has pits below sea level, three storey faces with double-up steps mid face, cold heavy water, car … read more

  • Soup Bowl Surfing

    The Soup Bowl is one of the best waves in the Caribbean and definitely up there with the world’s best waves. In fact, Kelly Slater rates in his top three waves on the planet. A right hand reef on the east coast of Barbados, Soup Bowls serves up deep grinding pits and at times has a shape conduc… read more

  • Sunset Surfing

    The famous Sunset Beach, along with Waimea Bay, is the birthplace of big wave surfing. From the 50s till the 90s surfing at Sunset was a prerequisite for recognition as part of surfing’s elite. Surfer assisting technology and surfboard design advancements along with some true surfing athletes have… read more

  • Supertubos Surfing

    Supertubos (Supertubes in English) is one of the best places to get barrelled in Europe. A beach break on steroids, Supertubos throws out a long, heavy barrel, over hard packed sand. As the crowd will attest, the giant tubes can cause some pain but are worth the risk. Supertubos has a fast though… read more

  • Tamarin Bay Surfing

    In 1974 Tamarin Bay featured in a surf film “The Forgotten Island of Santosha”. The long empty left handers of Santosha, breaking on a far-off tropical island became symbolic of the surfers search. The images of Santosha (aka Tamarin Bay) fuelled a generation of surf exploration that sent surfer… read more

  • Teahupoo Surfing

    If there is a god, he, she or it, was very angry the day Teahupoo was created. Teahupoo (pronounced cho poo) is an absolute monster of a wave. Deep Southern Ocean swells travel the length of the Pacific Ocean unhindered in their passage until they meet the waist deep coral reef off Tahiti. Upon arri… read more

  • The Bubble Surfing

    The Bubble is a right hand barrel on the north shore of Fuerteventura. It’s considered the best place to get deeply barrelled on Fuerte. The wave is actually an A-frame peak that breaks over a sharp rocky reef. The left is short and peeling, but the right is the real deal. La Derecha (the right… read more

  • The Superbank Surfing

    The Superbank is not one surf spot, but four point breaks joined together by one long sandbank, a superbank. What started as a plan to dredge the nearby river mouth and replenish the sand on the beaches to the north ended up creating a surfers fantasy land, a tubular heaven, a surf spot where multip… read more

  • Thurso East Surfing

    Thurso East has been described as a cold water version of Nias. A kelp covered flat rock reef/ledge that on its day will dish up some of the longest, hollowest right handers in Europe. The take off is a simple drop, leading into a deep, hollow tube that charges down the line for up to 100m, then … read more

  • Trestles Surfing

    Trestles is sacred ground for southern Californian surfers. It is a magical place devoid of suburbia and its trappings but loaded with high quality, forgiving waves. The magic of Trestles is that the waves are so damn good and ripable they make the average surfer feel good, and the good surfer feel … read more

  • Uluwatu Surfing

    The discovery of Uluwatu heralded the dawn of Bali as a surfer’s paradise. While filming the hugely influential 70s surf film Morning of The Earth, Rusty Miller and Steve Cooney were immortalised as the first surfers to ever ride Uluwatu. Uluwatu is a fast barrel breaking over razor sh… read more

  • Unstadt Point Surfing

    Lofoten Island is known as the home of some quality cold water waves, with zero crowds and has the distinction of being the best known surf zone inside the Arctic Circle. When the surfing world finally caught on to the fact there were waves up there the limelight fell on Unstadt Point. Unstadt Po… read more

  • Waimea Bay Surfing

    Waimea Bay stood unchallenged until the late 50s, when a small crew paddled out and defined big wave surfing at the time. For the next 40 years Waimea Bay became the face of big wave surfing. Photos of what looked like toy soldiers on long pointed surfboards, dwarfed by rolling mountains of white wa… read more

  • Wavegarden Surfing

    The Wavegarden Project was first unveiled in early 2011. It sent a perfect left hand tube peeling down a farmer’s field, in Basque Country, Spain and ripples of excitement throughout the surfing world. It is by far the best manmade recreation of an ocean wave. Whereas Desert Point highlights the s… read more

Date posted: 26th July, 2011

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