Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

Zurich airport has top notch efficiency, cleanliness, check-ins (which are spread out among three different levels to reduce crowding). Baggage handling, extreme ease in transferring between connecting flights are all factors in favour of Zurich airport. Zurich airport has good accessibility both to and from major surrounding cities. There is efficient public transportation available to and from Zurich airport and there is a train station underneath the terminal.

Zurich airport is located at the centre of Switzerland’s road network with excellent connections to cities, including Zurich, Bern, Basel and St Gallen, on the A20, and there are public bus terminals located in the airport parking areas, and its efficiency, which is so great that the terminals, lounges, check-in counters, etc. frequently appear empty due to the extreme speed with which crowds are handled – crowds rarely build up as a result, and the airport has a somewhat mistaken reputation as being under-used, rarely traveled through, and often empty overall.

Zurich airport is not the best for overnight transits, sleeping for extended periods of time or overnight, or for resting and napping in general; there are no couches or reclining seats and no lounges dedicated to just sleeping or overnight stays – one will have to make oneself comfortable on available wooden benches and chairs. There is also a lesser degree of security overall at night, the number of staff available is greatly reduced, and all restaurants and stores close for the night. Although one will survive spending the night here, and it is allowed, there are other better airports in Europe that one should try to transfer through if one needs to spend a night at an airport.

Being the world’s banking and financial capital, this airport also has a number of banks and safe deposit box rentals, a post office, as well as a number of luxury retail stores. Some of the best luxury items which one can purchase here include watches, caviar, carved figurines, and chocolates. There are grocery stores, and business facilities as well.

Another reason for the high ranking is the number of recreation and entertainment facilities close by including biking, skating tracks, playgrounds, lookout points and observation decks.

Zurich aiport in our eyes is an example of Swiss efficiency, cleanliness, and luxury and we put in listings of one of the top ten international airports.

Date posted: 8th November, 2016

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