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The Canadian travel networks are not as well developed as those in the US, and as a result it can be tricky getting the best deals on flights and holidays.

But if you’re flexible enough and know exactly where to look, you should have no problem in locating the best prices and deals around for your Canadian holiday.

Follow the below tips to keep your travel spending down and your leftover spending money high!

Budget flights

Unfortunately, there are not as many low cost carriers in Canada as in the United States, however you can get some excellent prices from Canadian budget carriers Can Jet and West Jet, and if you’re prepared to skimp on baggage and other charges you can keep the prices at rock bottom.

Sign up for deals

Signing up for travel deals and alerts on promotions is the best way to keep a constant track on prices and opportunities. Try Travel Alerts Canada for great prices, not only on flights but also on car hire, parking, dinners and much more.

Free accommodation!

Get yourself some free accommodation in Canada by signing up to Couch Surfing or perhaps partaking in a house swap or sit. You’ll save tons of money on hotel prices and be part of the local culture for the short time that you’re there.

Be flexible

It’s every budget traveller’s number one rule. Being flexible is the best way to get yourself the lowest prices and best deals on your Canadian holidays. Using price comparison websites, check multiple dates and times to avail of the best prices. Be flexible on airports – many find that it may be cheaper to fly to New York and take a bus or connecting flight, rather than flying direct to Canada. Flying at inconvenient times may also mean you’ll save a few hundred dollars.

Travel off peak

Travelling off peak in Canada will save you loads on hotel bills, flights and car hire. Avoid Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and you’ll keep your prices down.

Hire an RV!

Hiring an RV will save you loads of money and you can get some really good deals on camper vans in the low season. You’ll pay your money, collect your van and drive off into the surrounding countryside. You’ll not have to worry about hotel prices or flights, and you’ll have your own basic cooking facilities, so won’t need to waste money on expensive meals out. It’s a great way to see the country!

Price comparison websites are your friend

The savvy traveller knows how to play around with the many price comparison websites available online in order to get the best deals around. Comparison sites will show you the best hotel prices, flights and discount packages around, and offer deals on car hire, parking and even restaurants.


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