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Discover a world of desert nomads and ancient Ottoman relics in the North African country of Algeria. There are cities that boast ancient Roman relics such as in Djemila, Timgad and Annaba, home to the Hippo Regius. The capital city of Algiers is alive with markets, Ottoman architecture, and great seafood. Don’t miss the the Casbah of Algiers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get out into the desert by visiting the Saharan oasis towns of Timimoun and Benni Abbès. Travel in Algeria can take you on a tour of dramatic landscapes and towns full of history, a fascinating historical and cultural ride you’re unlikely to ever forget.


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Algeria Interesting Facts

This North African country has a population of 35 million, with 25% earning less than $2 a day, with the national dish of Algeria being couscous.

Algeria is a hot nation with the highest ever recorded temperature being 60.5C, which is not surprising considering 80% of the country, is the Sahara Desert.

Algeria tops exports are crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products and it is the second largest African country, with Sudan being the largest.

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