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As the northernmost and remotest region of the Philippines, Batanes may not be first place on everyone’s list of places to go but those who make it here will enjoy an adventure unlike any other. The only airport serving the region is in the provincial capital of Basco, which is actually closer to Taiwan than the Philippines mainland and it is in Basco that you will find the majority of accommodation. The climate is exceptionally hot all year round so remember to pack light as many of the activities in the islands involve walking and hiking. The islands are exceptionally lush with remarkable scenery and beautiful, rustic beaches and it is possible in one day to have climbed a mountain and enjoyed a picnic on the beach a short while afterwards.

One of the most interesting places to stay is the Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge. Previously the home of the artist Pacita Abad, the lodge has been preserved beautifully and is a gorgeous place to stay for an evening or two. The island of Sabtang to the south of Basco is a stunning, wild and incredibly preserved example of the Philippines of centuries ago and well worth a visit.

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