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Mexico is a country in North America, situated south of the United States of America. The country thrives on tourism, and Mexicans are very welcoming and friendly people as a result. Mexico has a very long coastline on both sides of the country, and the beach resorts all along the sea are particularly popular with visitors, often making Mexico their holiday spot or spring break getaway. The country is also filled with culture and history, with many archaeological sites due to Mexico’s native Indian heritage. Visitors will also be able to enjoy delicious local cuisine while exploring the impressive and beautiful country.

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Mexico beaches are the images in our minds when we dream of getting away to somewhere beautiful and warm! Blessed with two coastlines, Mexico has a wealth of dreamy beaches to vacation on, from along the unspoiled Oaxaca coast to the more groomed beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. To experience the colonial past, see the enchanting colonial buildings of Monterrey and the colonial cities on the Yucatan peninsula. Mexico City, the second largest city in the world, seems like it stretches into infinity. This makes it a fascinating place to visit, with an unbelievable variety of things to do and see for everyone in the family.

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