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Malta is in island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Europe. The country is blessed with a great deal of history, and still possesses some of the world’s oldest standing buildings, dating back to the Neolithic era in 4000 BC. The summer weather in Malta is dry and hot, making it a pleasant destination for holidays, and due to its proximity many Europeans go to the island on vacation. One of the sites worth visiting is the ancient capital of Mdina, also known as the Silent City. The island is popular with water sports aficionados and hiking in the rural part of Malta is a relaxing experience.

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Being an archipelago of islands south of Sicily, Italy, Malta offers extraordinary opportunities for vacationing. The first thing everyone wants to do when they arrive there is jump right into the amazingly crystal clear aquamarine water! It is irresistible. A visit to the famous Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino is the top choice for experiencing a swim of a lifetime.

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And divers understandably love the islands of Malta. The water is always warm and teeming with fish. Seafront restaurants on the islands of Malta abound with local fish delicacies. When you can break yourself away from the beach, visit the city of Valletta for its old world charm, narrow winding streets, churches, museums, forts, restaurants and cafes.

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