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You’re sprinting down a cobblestone street trying not to trip over yourself. You try to catch your breath but you can’t stop for a moment. As you turn a corner you are able to jump up onto a wall just as an enormous bull plows by. You just survived the Running of the Bulls in world famous Spain! With its magical beaches, vibrant flamenco dancers and tapas to die for, you may just fall in love.

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If you want to get some sleep, this may not be the place. Castles, medieval towns and museums are ready to be toured. Clubs, discos, and restaurants are brimming with energy and open to your disposal 24 hours a day. After you behold artistic marvels until the sun goes down and dance with amigos all night, just maybe you’ll have time for a relaxing siesta. Eat, drink and be merry in Spain.

Port Mahon Menorca

When you holiday in most of Spain and on its islands you are pretty much guaranteed a sunny vacation. The most popular beach vacation destinations are on the Canary and Balearic Islands. The Costa del Sol of Spain also is blessed with great beaches and the added benefit of taking fascinating side trips to the countryside.


If you are on a wine country vacation in Spain you will be able to visit some world class vineyards and buy their wines. Also, Spanish cuisine is superb. Some of the typical Spanish dishes you will want to try are paella, gazpacho, tapas, and Iberian ham.

Port Mahon Menorca, Spain


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