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Easter Island

One of the most sacred islands in the world due to the famous Moai Statues and the success of its remote civilization, Easter Island is a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Possessing several white-sand beaches, the largest palm tree species in the world and a surprising number of archaeological sites, there is something for everyone in this island paradise. For the more adventurous, the trek to the tip of Ranu Kao, the volcanic peak of the island, is well worth the ticket price and the energy expended with magnificent views over the whole island.

The island was home to one of the most fascinating civilizations in human history and as such, there is much to learn about. The enormous cave systems that run underneath Easter Island are for the brave (and well prepared) traveller only as they are highly dangerous and were carved by molten lava, so may not be particularly strong. As tourism is the main source of income for the islanders, there are rather large provisions made for visitors. Accommodation is provided in the form of guesthouses and hotels which, although expensive, are generally clean and you can often eat in the slightly cheaper attached restaurants.

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