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How to get the best travel deals in the world!

It’s not so easy to get a great deal on your holiday anymore. Airport departure taxes, baggage charges, fuel surpluses……all these add a chunk to the price of your ticket. But if you know where to look, you’ll still be able to get a great travel deal….Read on for our top 10 tips on how to find the very best……

1. Be flexible

This is the number one rule in trying to get the best travel deals – be flexible! If you have a fixed week in mind you’ll be limiting your choices, and you’ll not be able to get the very best price. By being flexible on dates, location and accommodation you’ll be sure to find something within your price range.

2. Book early

Booking early is a great tip – flights are at their cheapest and package holiday prices low as agents try to create demand and push the prices up. This works especially well when booking a cruise, with deals such as balcony upgrades offered to the earliest bookers. You’ll also get the best choice the earlier you book.

3. Book late

Last minute deals have really taken off in popularity in the last few years,  last minute deals are usually for holidays leaving in the next two or three weeks. If you’re ready to rock and roll, you’ll find some really great deals especially with hotels as they are keen to fill the occupancy rate.

4. Use price comparison websites

It sounds simple, and it really is! Price comparison websites, trawl the internet for the very best prices available and save you eons of time to boot. If you’re following point one, it’ll be even better.

5. Beat the charges

A few simple tricks can help you grab the very best flight tickets and avoid the hefty charges that airlines add on top. Flying to secondary airports is often cheaper, as is taking a red-eye flight that arrives at inconvenient hours. Pack light, taking on only hand luggage, and don’t pay to pick your seat. Once again, it all comes down to being flexible!

6. Travel off season

School holidays, Christmas, Spring Break….they’re all extortionately expensive times to travel. Accommodation is at its most expensive, you’re more likely to get double booked on flights and hotels, and anywhere you go is likely to be crowded. Travelling in the ‘shoulder months’ will bring prices right down, and if you can avoid departing on a weekend you’ll save even more!

7. Use a travel agent

Sometimes, it can pay to consult a travel agent. Although they build their fee into the price of a holiday, they do have the best software available to find the best deals on flights and accommodation packages. Travel agents book block seats when they’re first released and at their cheapest, so if you can’t find a decent package it might be worth giving one a call.

8. DIY

DIY holidays are another option, and can help the more independent traveller get a great deal. Firstly, browse the web to find the very best flights search by month or year, so you’ll be able to find the lowest priced flights ever! Then, pick sites like Hostelbookers and Hostelworld to find the cheapest accommodation on the web. both sites offer cheap hotels and other accommodation, not just hostels.

9. Rent a villa or apartment

You can easily spend more than $200 dollars a night on a decent hotel, but if you’re prepared to rent an apartment or villa you can slash your holiday costs and spend in a week what you would spend in a couple of nights in a hotel.

10. Book all inclusive, half board or B&B

The prices for upgrading to half board or all inclusive are usually less than what you would pay eating out 3 times a day, so you’ll be able to save a ton on spending money.

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