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Trying to get yourself a good deal on a UK short break or holiday can be difficult, especially if you want to stay in some of the most popular cities for tourism. Finding a cheap deal in London for example can be a real challenge, the UK is only a small country, thus the choices in hotels, airlines and deals can be rather limited.

But it can be really easy to get a cheap deal if you know where to look and how to go about getting the best UK travel deals around.

Follow these top tips to ensure you’re not getting ripped off and that you’re getting the best possible prices for all aspects of your holiday.

Be flexible

You’ll need total flexibility when booking a UK break or holiday. On flights, hotels and car hire, a day can make all the difference in the prices. Use price comparison websites and play around with the dates to get the very best deals, avoid business routes and generally make yourself open to any time and date!

Use the low cost carriers

Following the lead of the US, the low cost airlines in the UK offer great deals if you’re prepared to play the rules a little. Try Easyjet and BMI Baby for the cheapest regional coverage.

Likewise, low cost giant Ryan Air is, although Irish owned, one of the best airlines on which to get a cheap deal in the UK if you know how to avoid the extra charges.

Many of these budget airlines offer web only deals and special incentives to those who book and check in online, saving the airline money and hopefully passing the savings on to you in the long run.

Play the low cost rules

Playing the low cost rules is a must if you want to keep your costs down and get that great advertised deal that the budget airlines have publicised on their websites. Take hand baggage only, don’t pay extra for seating, and print your own boarding pass – you’ll save on all the charges that the budget carriers try to impose on you.

Use price comparison websites

Book your accommodation through price comparison websites and you’ll save tonnes of money as opposed to booking directly through a hotel.

Get cheap or free accommodation

Try Couchsurfing for the coolest way to get a free holiday, or maybe an apartment swap or house sit.

Go off season

Summer holidays (July/August), Easter and New Year, as well as the May bank holidays can be expensive times to travel, when flights and accommodation are at their most expensive. Travelling off peak will save you lots of £££

Use public buses and trains

Britain is a small island, and almost all cities are easily accessible by bus and train! The train network can be a bit expensive if you are buying a ticket close to the travel date, book early and get a better deal. For something much cheaper than the trains try Megabus for fares as low as a pound!

Go to cheaper places

Forget London, Edinburgh and York and head for the less discovered parts of the UK – Northern Ireland for example is lots cheaper than the mainland, and Belfast is an excellent city break destination. Try Wales too, which is often overlooked and has great scenery, and keep the prices down.

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