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Finding the right price for your US vacation can be difficult, with fuel surcharges and additional fees pushing prices up throughout the travel industry.

But if you know where to look you can get some really good deals for your US break. You just need a bit of patience and a lot of flexibility

Read on to find out more about getting the best travel deals on your holiday in the US.

Avoid the peak season

Stay away from areas that are popular with Spring Break holidaymakers and go off season. This will keep prices down and ensure you’re not in a crowded resort with loads of tourists pushing up the prices. Likewise, the run up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the peak season in the regional resorts (ski resorts, beach resorts etc) will likely be very expensive. But travelling on Thanksgiving and Christmas day can be cheap!

Be flexible

Check surrounding days for the best flights, fly late at night or early in the morning when they’re at their cheapest. Flying the busiest routes will keep prices at their lowest


Get yourself some really good deals by heading towards the hurricane! Package holiday deals during hurricane season are, surprisingly, very cheap, and some operators even offer some money back if you get caught up in one! Risky, but potentially worth it!

Low cost airlines

America is the home of the low cost flight operator. Book early with Air Tran, Jet Blue, Virgin American and Southwest to avoid high charges and to get the best deals. Some of these airlines offer discounts if you book online, and there’s no frills so you’re not paying for expensive airline meals or entertainment.

Go couch surfing

Keep your holiday price at an all time low by using the Couch surfing website. Log on, choose a location and a potential host, correspond over email or phone and arrange to meet! You’ll be able to stay in their home completely free, and have the added benefit of a local guide to help you keep costs down. Or maybe you’d like to try house sitting or house swapping for even greater savings.

Get the cheapest flights, hotels and packages

Comparison websites that scour the internet for the very best flight prices are the way to go. You’ll be able to search the whole week, month and even year, and as a result pick the best times and prices that suit you.

The same goes for hotels and packages. Using comparison sites will ensure you’ll look in the right place for the best prices.


The key to getting the very best prices on your holiday to America is to be flexible with as many parts of your vacation as possible. That way, you’ll not be ripped off on prices, and you’ll get the best deal, meaning there’s more money in your pocket to spend once you’re there.

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